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Jun 27, 2006 05:30 PM

Chicken Delight Still The Best Fried Chicken In The Tri State [moved from Tristate board]

I have been eating Fried Chicken for many years ,but still nothing can compare to Chicken Delight and they still exist.

When I go to Long Island to visit family members .

I always make a pit stop at Chicken Delight in Old Westbury,Long Island.

They have been around since the 1960's.

There no grease in the Chicken and the favor is excellent.

There are not many Chicken Delights around as there were in the 1960's.

If you travel out to Long Island make a stop at Chicken Delight they are located on Maple Ave in Old Westbury Long Island.

I still remember the saying "Don't Cook Tonight Call Chicken Delight".

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  1. We have one in Northern NJ- in Dumont. Definitely good stuff, insanely crispy and surpisingly grease-free. In fact I'd call that its defining characteristic over the flavor, which is not really a bad thing. Same thing about the fries- frozen crinkle cuts- light and crunchy with no real greasiness to speak of.

    1. Zorns on Hemstead Tpke in Bethpage is also excellent- by the Seaford Oyster Bay expressway- give it a try- excellent sides,ribs roasted chicken and to die for pies.

      1. I remember CD from when I was a kid in NJ. Don't they pressure fry it? May that has something to do with why it's not greasy?

        1. Zorn's chicken is tasty, but it tends to be little on the greasy side. I agree that Chicken Delight was a good thing, but now gone like so many other memories.

          1. There's a chain in New Jersey called "Chicken Holiday" (no website that I can find, but a search turns up lots of towns with an outlet on the various commercial restaurant search sites and pages for "individually owned and operated" stores. Corporate headquarters seems to be in Trenton).

            The chicken is cooked and tastes similar to what I recall of Chicken Delight. (The one near me includes Martin's Potato Dinner Rolls right out of a 8-pack. At first I thought, "Kinda cheesy" but, you know what, they get eaten and the rolls most chicken places included don't).