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Jun 27, 2006 05:20 PM

SF Chowhound last minute trip for 2 nights...

Last minute work trip, so I have 2 nights I need some great food...don't have time to search the boards (tonight and tomorrow for dinner)....need recs close to or a cab ride from King Edward Hotel...

French, Italian or Cal-cuisine preferred, not formal (think Delfina or Zuni in SF if you're familiar, so upscale but not the Ritz) and no Indian or Asian (eat that alot here)....

thanks in advance, dont' need alot of recs just the top 3-4...

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  1. Given your criteria, my top rec's (in no particular order)would be Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar, George, La Palette, Noce and Zucca. Enjoy your quickie visit (and if you get a chance, please post a report)!

    1. Within walking distance:

      Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar (on Church, south of Front Street)
      - small plates eating; French influenced cuisine

      Biff's Bistro (on Front, west of Yonge)
      - higher end French bistro fare

      Romagna Mia (on Front, west of Jarvis)
      - I've not been, but many people on this board rave about their risottos and pastas

      Toba (On King, at Sherbourne)
      - Italian influenced menu

      Short cab-ride away:

      Tutti Matti (Adelaide, east of Spadina)
      - excellent southern Italian cuisine

      La Palette (Augusta, south of College)
      - French bistro; great grilled meats

      Thuet (King, east of Bathurst)
      - French bistro; helmed by one of Toronto's best chefs

      Terroni (3 locations: Queen, east of Niagara; Victoria, north of Richmond; Balmoral at Yonge, south of St Clair. Location on Victoria would be closest to you)
      - excellent pizzas and pastas

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        Second Thuet, esp his seasonal menu.

        1. re: phoenikia

          A third recommendation for Thuet. I was there for dinner last night and the Kobe bone marrow was fantastic. We also had the steak tartare (very refreshing), the veal liver (delicious and decadent) and the côte de porc charcutière (the pork just melted in your mouth). Service was excellent. We'll be back.

          We popped into Lee next door for dessert. I had a craving for the espresso pave and it was a perfect ending for our meal. Who ever said you can't restaurant hop?! The warm chocolate banana cake at Lee was delicious as well but that pave is very dear to my heart! I just love it.

      2. Oooh... yes, forgot about George. Great pick, PP.

        1. I second the recommendation for Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar. Another fun place to check out is Beerbistro on King, just east of Yonge street on the north side, just kiddie corner away from your hotel.

          I miss Zuni, glad to hear it's still there. Can you bring a dozen Al Pastor burritos from El Farlito's?!!! There's nothing close to a Mission burrito here in Toronto :-(

          1. Thanks everyone, I will post back !!! Unfortunately I left without the burritos but I do live in the Mission and will be sure to save you some carnitas :)