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Jun 27, 2006 04:39 PM

Best Prime Rib in the South Bay or Long Beach Areas?

I was wondering if anyone could recommend to me a restaurant in the South Bay area (Torrance, Redondo Beach, Long Beach, etc.) that serves quality prime rib.

Kinkaid's on the Redondo Beach Pier is one option, but I wanted to hear other people's thoughts/experiences at other establishments.

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  1. The Madison in Long Beach used to serve prime rib, but I just checked their online menu and it's not listed. That's probably a blessing, though, because I've had wildly mixed experiences there. Sir Winston's at the Queen Mary may have prime rib (no online menu). I know that the Queen Mary Sunday brunch has a tasty prime rib.

    This is going to sound incredibly dorky (it is), but the Alpine Inn at Alpine Village has what I think is one of the best deals for prime rib dinners ($11.95) in the area. Some nights feature an Oompah Band in one part of the dining room and there's a dance floor for your entertainment. At least I find that entertaining in a very kitchy way.

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      I've tasted the $11.95 prime rib at Alpine Village (company party), and can't really recommend it if you're looking for a good quality prime rib dinner. Kitsch is indeed the main attraction there, and is what they do best.

    2. Kincaids is the only place I know of in the area, but hesitate to recommend it. I've been going there for years to entertain out-of-town guests, some special occasions, etc.

      I am not a big seafood eater, and the seafood gets some good remarks from others, but I am stuck with the meat. Each time I've gone there, I have been less and less impressed with their cut of meat. The last 3 times, asked for medium-rare, but got a medium-well tough meat. The early visists were passable, but now I don't know. Doesn't do much for me.

      Another place that just hit me is the 22nd Street Landing in San Pedro. Again, this restaurant is focused on Seafood, so meat is secondary. Last visit was a two years ago, but everyone said the quality of their food, seafood and nonseafood, was not as good as in the past. I believe that was for a busy mother's day type of occasion, so maybe their kitchen was overstreched?

      I'm sure there has to be something in long beach, anyone?

      1. There are two steakhouses in Long Beach that may offer prime rib. 555 in dowtown Long Beach (on Elm or Linden and Ocean Ave.), and Kelly's in Naples (2nd Street). 555 is consistently good. Kelly's is a throwback to the 60's, red naughahyde booths and all.

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        1. I've enjoyed the Prime Rib at Shenandoah Cafe (2nd Street - Belmont Shore area).
          Since I live in the SFV, I don't get down there too often, so it's been a couple of years since I last ate there.

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          1. re: VanNuysBear

            Shenandoah moved to Los Alamitos a few years ago. Their old space is currently occupied by BIGGS.

          2. A life-long South Bay resident has sworn to me that the San Franciscan in Torrance serves the best prime-rib in the South Bay.


            I have never been. If we have a craving for prime rib we'll drop in at Houston's or wait for Fleming's Sunday night prime rib dinner special.