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Alfajores at Citizen Cake

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They're making them again! They are pretty small, 75 cents each. There is so much powdered sugar that you need to remember not to breathe in while taking a bite. The cookie is soft and crumbly, which I like, although it almost gets lost amid the powdered sugar. The dulce de leche has nice bitter overtones which balance out the sweetness. Overall, a big yum.

Citizen Cake, Grove @ Gough

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  1. Do you know if they have them at Citizen Cupcake also?

    1. Another question for you: are the cookies from flour or cornmeal? Destino makes theirs from flour, and it yields a shortbread consistency. The alfajores I had in Argentina were made from cornmeal, which gave them a rougher and firmer texture.

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        I don't know if they have them at Citizen Cupcake. They don't have a cornmeal crunch, so I'm pretty sure they are flour only. The texture is shortbread-like, but ends up a bit more delicate than shortbread, which could be due to the filling. In Argentina I had some made with cornmeal and others made with flour. (Plus some chocolate cookies, some vanilla cookies dipped in chocolate, etc. etc. - I ate lots of them.)

      2. Oh yes!! Thanks for the tip, I'm always up for trying an Alfajores or several :) Unfortunately, I learned not to ask for them at the Mexican bodega as their version of an Alfajores is a completely different cookie altogether. Back in Februrary some friends visited from Peru and brought some fantastic Alfajores that were dipped in dark Chocolate. The were about the size of a Moonpie/Scooterpie, but damn were they amazing to devour. If anyone can come up with a local version I'd be willing to make the trek just about anywhere in the Bay Area to try them.

        a sante,

        1. If you're in downtown SF and craving alfajores, they are also available at Gump's.