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Jun 27, 2006 04:15 PM

Alfajores at Citizen Cake

They're making them again! They are pretty small, 75 cents each. There is so much powdered sugar that you need to remember not to breathe in while taking a bite. The cookie is soft and crumbly, which I like, although it almost gets lost amid the powdered sugar. The dulce de leche has nice bitter overtones which balance out the sweetness. Overall, a big yum.

Citizen Cake, Grove @ Gough

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  1. Do you know if they have them at Citizen Cupcake also?

    1. Another question for you: are the cookies from flour or cornmeal? Destino makes theirs from flour, and it yields a shortbread consistency. The alfajores I had in Argentina were made from cornmeal, which gave them a rougher and firmer texture.

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        I don't know if they have them at Citizen Cupcake. They don't have a cornmeal crunch, so I'm pretty sure they are flour only. The texture is shortbread-like, but ends up a bit more delicate than shortbread, which could be due to the filling. In Argentina I had some made with cornmeal and others made with flour. (Plus some chocolate cookies, some vanilla cookies dipped in chocolate, etc. etc. - I ate lots of them.)

      2. Oh yes!! Thanks for the tip, I'm always up for trying an Alfajores or several :) Unfortunately, I learned not to ask for them at the Mexican bodega as their version of an Alfajores is a completely different cookie altogether. Back in Februrary some friends visited from Peru and brought some fantastic Alfajores that were dipped in dark Chocolate. The were about the size of a Moonpie/Scooterpie, but damn were they amazing to devour. If anyone can come up with a local version I'd be willing to make the trek just about anywhere in the Bay Area to try them.

        a sante,

        1. If you're in downtown SF and craving alfajores, they are also available at Gump's.