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Jun 27, 2006 04:00 PM

Search then Link

no one has posted this... so maybe it's not an issue to some. but when i am writing a post and recall that at some point there was a post containing some information that i'd like to link to i'll do a search.

my issue comes in when trying to get the link. when i right click to copy the link location on any of the threads i only get the link to the search query. even when i click to go into a thread all i can pick up is the link to the search query, any way we can get around this? is it just me?

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  1. If this is what you mean

    What I do is delete the information from the question mark to the end

    I'm lazy and just backspace until the question mark is gone.

    1. ah... thanks! when i was looking at it my eyes decided that it was purely a query link and didn't even contain the original post.