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Jun 27, 2006 03:25 PM


Anyone been since it moved north? Still good?

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  1. I saw it had closed. Where is it now?

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    1. re: lax2mia

      It is on 164th, I think. They told me they were moving last time I was there. Website at I am craving it, so I will report if I go.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Perfect timing... I was looking for an adventure Friday night and this almost qualifies since it's not exactly clear what we're going to find at Renaisa on 78th. I called the phone number on the Renaisa website and connected to the restaurant on 164th -- their new name is Heelsha, website is:

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          The plot thickens. is also showing the 164th St. address. I wonder who's at 78th.

        2. Jeez. I just took a look at menues on Heelsha's site and is it fair to say that prices are outrageous!? I'd say the average is $20 per plate. I know Miami doesn't have a high concentration of Indian restaurants, but come on! The same goes for Anora (sp) in the Grove and, in an unrelated cuisine, Sheba for Ethiopian. The bulk of these dishes are stew like items and shouldn't be that expensive. Maybe I'm just griping because it's easy to get good cheap ethnic Latin food here, but outside of that we seem screwed.

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            Jeez indeed! $22 for goat biriyani? Out in the West Broward suburbs you can get enough goat biriyani to feed a family of five. And pack lunch for two of the kids the next day!

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              Wow. After I got back from India and ate the best meals ever for about $2, I thought Renaisa was pretty outrageous but these prices are beyond. And, it looks like the BYO is out too...

            2. Hmm. A new post (missem?) about the Renaisa saga has been deleted. But anyhow, the new website is up. It claims to be the original place reopening after renovations. Gotta say, however, that Heelsha's menu sounds more like the old Renaisa, unusual Bangladeshi preparations and all with new, insanely high prices. This new Renaisa menu looks like every other Indian place in America with slightly-less-insanely high prices. Renaisa goat biriyani, basically a pilaf with stew meat in it, $18. Heelsha, $22.

              Which one got the cook, if any? You make the call.

              Meanwhile, a tip of the hat to lax2mia for asking on that thread what city that is masquerading as Miami on the new Renaisa website.

              Answer: it's Baltimore.