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most used cuisinart blade?

I recently bought a new 14-cup Cuisinart that was missing its blades - (hence the $20 price) after, of course, checking online to be sure I could buy replacement blades.

So, of all the selection of shredder/slicer blades (besides the main one), what one do you use the most?

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  1. I was going to suggest I send you mine--I never use them--but mine is a midget compared to yours! 8 or 10 cups, I think. You must feed a crowd!

    1. I seldom use anything except the main blade and shredder - the ones that come with the machine. I use the slicer sometimes, to slice big piles of vegetables for salads, or citrus for marmalades. But that's about once a year. I got the full set of blades when I got my Cuisinart decades ago and most have never been taken out of the box.

      1. The steel knife and the larger grater. I do have other slicing blades and do like the 1mm for home made potato chips but I also have a mandoline and find that as simple sometimes.

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        1. I only use 3, the basic, the shredder and the dough blade. I have made pizza dough in the Cusinart more times than I can count.

          1. I only use the main one...I don't think a cuisinart does an very good job for anything requiring the other blades.

            1. I use the steel knife almost constantly, the plastic dough blade considerably less. Hardly ever use the slicer or the shredder, but it's nice to have them if I have to shred several pounds of cheese or make enough scalloped potatoes to feed a multitude. That's maybe once a year or less, but it still justifies keeping them handy.

              1. Thanks all, I was thinking the regular one, the dough one, and one of the shredders. I don't usually cook for a crowd, but I'm sick of my old miniature Oester that shoots shredded cheese across the room and can't handle liquids.

                I knew you'd have opinions at the very least.

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                  If you use your food processor a lot for liquids, you might want to get an immersion blender -- just a cheap one without all the attachments (which you won't need because the food processor does all that better anyway). Otherwise, I agree that the knife and the shredder are all I use. I love my immersion blender -- it's probably the most used "gadget" in my kitchen.

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                    I also love my immersion blender, bought cheap at Costco. I actually use the small mini-processor attachment a lot. I really HATE putting something in the blender and having the blades spin around above it, or get going underneath it without moving the top. The little plastic container onto which fits the immers. blender stick, is great for making, say, cream cheese with green onions and garlic, etc. Also good to make mint/cilantro chutneys. The immersion stick is really great for partially pureeing soups. I actually have come to dislike the pureed smoothie soups. I like bits of squash and onions floating around in my soup.

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                      Amen to all of that. I was going to say the same about the mini-processor attachment on the immersion blender. It's fantastic. And so much more powerful than some of those single-unit mini-processors, which can't seem to handle thick ingredients.

                2. I use the fine and medium shredders when I can muster up the energy to dig out the adapter and blade from the drawer and I can convince myself it's less trouble than grating or shredding by hand. I bought a complete set of blades for my DLC-7 about 12 years ago (or more? can't even remember when) but I seldom use them.

                  1. The main one and the bread one are the only blades I ever use.

                    The shredders and slicers I found too sloppy and messy. For large amounts of grating I use a Moulinex electric grater. For large amounts of thin slicing I use a Benriner or mandoline.