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Jun 27, 2006 02:56 PM

Seeking something "fresh" - Follow-up; Mango Salad?

Thanks for all the recs. I ended up at Linda for Thai. Can I just tell you how utterly disappointed I am with their mango salad?? I thought that because it's "fine dining" it would be better/different than what they serve downstairs at Salad King. And can I tell you how much I hate Salad King's mango salad? Oy. No dried shrimps, no chopped cilantro, no fish sauce, lame crushed peanuts (as opposed to nicely roasted whole/coarsely chopped ones), and no heat from finely chopped thai chillis. Just mango tossed with some shredded carrot and iceberg lettuce, and a sprig of parsley thrown in for colour.

Can anyone tell me where to find a kick-ass mango salad in this town?? I won't even go so far as requesting something as good as in Thailand... how 'bout just something as good as what one finds in LA's Thai Town?

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  1. Gulp - as the person who pointed you in the direction of the dish and the resto (though not necessarily that combination), I'm sorry!! I don't think I've ever had the mango salad at Linda's - my favourite dish there is the appetizer where you get bowls of toppings (dried shrimp, diced lime, chilies, etc.) and you roll them up in a (betel) leaf - so yummy.

    Agreed that it's hard to find a good, zippy mango salad - most are underspiced/fish sauced. I did once have a good one at Coco Rice but that was nearly 2 years ago - maybe try there?

    Did it at least feel "fresh"????

    1. LOL... Peppermint Pate, I wasn't at all blaming you with my post - please don't interpret it that way! I had never tried the mango salad at Linda's until last night. I agree with you about the mien kum (the betel leaves) though... I ordered them, but then they told me they were sold out of the leaves. You can usually find something similar in Little India, on the sidewalks in the summertime though. YUM!

      And yes, it was "fresh"... thanks for asking. :) Though I couldn't resist ordering the smoked duck in red curry. That was the only heavy thing I had last night.

      As for Coco Rice, I've been there a couple of times, and I don't think either times were very memorable. I don't think I've tried their mango salad though, so perhaps I'll give it a shot.

      I've also heard a fair bit about Sasi Thai... can anyone vouch for their mango salad and/or their food in general?

      1. I agree; the Linda mango salad is lame. I wish I could give you a good rec for one, but I still haven't found one here! (on the other hand, the duck in red curry at Linda is delish!)

        1. I really liked the green mango salad I had at Supermarket on Augusta...

          1. i recall that real thailand up at bloor and spadina did a mango salad with all the fixings, but i can't recall for the life of me if they used an adequate amount of sauce.

            maybe this will be the toronto mango salad challenge.