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Jun 27, 2006 02:56 PM

Question: Worthiest Corporate Dining

Like many of you, my dining ethos breaks down into principles like:

locally grown versus 72 hours in a truck
locally owned versus another 20 bucks for Brinker International
chef-operated promises (and often delivers) good food, etc., etc., etc.

That said, I'm asking you to look into the deepest recesses of your foodie soul and dredge up that one corporate food dispenser that makes a mean WHATEVER.

I've got two: the German pancake at Original Pancake House and the steak fajitas at Chevy's.

May Julia Child have mercy on my soul,

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  1. buttermilk pancakes at cracker barrel. i like that they give you as much real maple syrup as you want.

    houston's makes a damn fine veggie burger.

    1. There's the obvious McDonald's French Fries. Adding to that the guacamole at Chipolte, the chipolte mac and cheese from Flemings and the spinach au gratin from Ruth's Chris.

      1. yeah, Original Pancake House is pretty amazing.

        I also like Waffle House's waffles.

        1. Frisco melt at Steak n Shake. Sooo very good.

          1. I've got a few:

            I agree with the guac at Chipotle - i don't know many "real" Mexican places that can touch that.

            The fried zucchini at Maggiano's - it has an incredible light Panko breadcrumb breading and then is sprinkled with parmesan. Delicious!

            The onion rings at Popeye's as I've mentioned on other threads.

            And, my true weakness - a burger from Chilis with cheddar, chili, lettuce, onions, and mustard. I also love their fries. They currently have a "build your own burger" thing going and you can also get a little side of chili queso - dip your fries in that and you're in heaven!