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Jun 27, 2006 02:50 PM

Bistros in Quebec City

Heading up to Quebec City next week and looking for something like Montreal's Au Pied Extra or Le Petit Plateau for Monday evening. Moderately priced, relatively casual, French or local cuisine.

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  1. -Le Café du Monde for French bistro cuisine(huge and noisy, but casual, good, and an amazing view on the river)-quite touristy
    -Le Café du Cloché Penché for very good, simple yet sophisticated, food - very local crowd
    -Montego a little bit outside the center or the city, in an area called Sillery. Funky, sunny sort of cuisine. Very good ambiance - very local.
    -L'Échaudée for brunch - balanced between locals and tourists
    -Chez Victor on St-Jean for very good burgers - locals
    -Momento on Cartier. Italian but good and nice. - locals

    1. Le Café du Cloché Penché for a very good french bistro food and a selection of goods wine. Also try this place for the brunch.