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Ping's or New Green Bo Sunday?

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We're coming to Manhattan again this weekend and figured that after Saturday's dinner at Le Bernardin we'd hit Chinatown for a more casual dinner. After checking the board, we've narrowed it down to New Green Bo and Ping's. Any thoughts on favorite dishes or which you prefer? Also, neither takes reservations, correct? When is the best time of evening to go? TIA?

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  1. Well it depends if your in the mood for cantonese (pings) or shanghainese(NGB) food. New green bo is much more casual option and I would go there instead.

    1. I feel that the quality of food at Pings is much better than at New Green Bo, and with a more interesting menu. I haven't been to either in awhile, but also felt the service and cleanliness was at a much higher level at Pings.

      1. I haven't been to Ping's but I have been to New Green Bo and absolutely love it! They have some truly great soup dumplings and fried dumplings. There's usually a bit of a wait, but the service is such that people move quickly through. And it certainly is casual

        1. They're very different. Totally different cuisine & atmosphere. Both excellent, but night & day. Ping's is much better for a more leisurely dinner, but is probably best with a group (though any Chinese is). They probably only take reservations for large groups, which I do all the time.

          Any live seafood, especially if they have fresh scallops or oysters in the shell with X.O. Sauce, live shrimp, whole fish, squid with X.O. sauce, pea shoots with crab meat or any other seasonal green, Ta-Pang mei fun, minced squab "taco," lamb chop w/ black pepper sauce, etc.


          1. I agree with the above - Ping's is a fancier restaurant with tablecloths and it can accommodate a lot more people in a group than New Green Bo which is small and cramped and you'll probably have to wait with a group of more than 4. You can also linger and talk at Ping's and New Green Bo is more of an eat and get out place.

            I also agree that Ping's is great for live seafood and not as good for the dim sum or some of the other meat dishes. New Green Bo does have great dumplings. If you're just 2 of you or in the mood for an adventure - go for some dumplings and apps. at New Green Bo and then walk a couple of blocks and have some seafood entrees at Ping's.

            1. If you've just had dinner at the Le Bernadin, you would probably just had pretty great seafood....So, New Green Bo would be a nice contrast.

              From your post it sounds as if you've planning on having two dinners on the same evening? New Green Bo does get busy on weekends. Best time would be before 6pm or around 9 pm. Get a Peking Duck, get some soup dumplings, and maybe even some Sheng Jian Bao and a plate of fresh Loofah.. nice snack after Le Bernadin.

              1. We're going to Chinatown on Sunday, Le Bernadin on Saturday, and I think we've settled on New Green Bo. Thanks all, I'll report back.

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                  Now that you've settled on New Green Bo, make sure to get their scallion pancakes and soup dumplings, which they're FAMOUS for. Don't forget, enjoy!

                2. ko1, good choice! I love New Green Bo! If you still have space afterwards, cross the street and have dessert at the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory: