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Jun 27, 2006 02:32 PM

new boards, splitting boards

Following are some suggestions. If youd rather they not be posted here I will send to webmaster.

Its a good time to split tristate into jersey, westchester/upstate NY, LI and CT suburbs - we seem to be getting more traffic to capitalize on and its as confusing as ever

In Midadlantic -
Philly metro (including all suburbs in whatever state)
DC metro (including MD and NOVA suburbs)
Balti metro (too confusing mixed in with DC
Other PA

presentationwise, canada should be split out from international into a new section Id suggest adding the maritimes to Quebec, then Canada would just have 3 sections and not a catchall.

for international, Greater Asia conveys nothing, suggest creating a Board for South Asia (India Pakistan and and Bangladesh) and one for SE Asia and Pacific Islands. Korea could have own or be included with Japan

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