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Jun 27, 2006 02:27 PM

Birthday Dinner near Canon Theatre

My wife and I are going to see Monty Python's Spam-a-Lot for her birthday in mid-July. It's playing at the Canon Theatre, and I was hoping to get suggestions for a good birthday dinner somewhere around that area.

I'm hoping for a budget of around $80-120 for two.

Doesn't have to be TOO close to the theatre, but in the general area would be good. Reasonable walking distance would be especially good.

We're pretty open about cuisine, although sadly no raw or unpasteurized foods at the moment for her (we're expecting!), so please no sushi. That also means no alcohol (I'm not a big drinker anyway), so we don't need to factor that into the price.

Only other limitation is that we need to be able to eat there early enough to make it to the show by 8pm (on a Friday).

Any suggestions (with websites if possible) would be great!

Thanks in advance for any help!


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  1. Hey

    On Yonge St. across from the Eaton Centre is "The Superior." It's great. It's what they describe as "Eclectic." I love the place, been there several times. It's right in your price range. Has great food and great decor. Has an oyster bar as well.


    1. I recommend Adega on Elm Street just north of the Eaton Centre. Their piri piri shrimp is excellent. Very friendly wait staff and the complimentary sundried olives and portuguese bread they serve is delicious. Enjoy!

      1. you are very close to Savoy - it is fantastic. Sort of like a french bistro.

        1. I second the recommendation for Adega. I very much enjoy their grilled sardines and grilled octopus.

          1. Adega is a great restaurant. You should defintely check it out.