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Jun 27, 2006 01:54 PM

Place to eat/write for a few hours - UES or Midtown East

I'm looking for a place other than a diner where I can have something to eat and write for a few hours without glaring looks like I'm taking up a table :) I'm near 59th/2nd. Any thoughts?

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  1. Since you mention UES....If you're willing to go to 70th & Lex, Sicaffe in mid-block would fit your needs. Pleasant atmosphere, stylish setting, & some of the best coffee in the city + snacks, pastries, etc...On the same block, there's Corrado which is not so appealing inside (only 4/5 tables & gets very crowded & noisy) but on a nice day the outdoor seating is extremely pleasant)...

    1. These are not specifically in your neighborhood but you might file them away regardless:

      Oyster Bar, Grand Central
      Les Halles

      Both Les Halles and Odeon have free wireless, I believe, which is another plus.

      1. Le Pain Quotidien. 64th and Lex. One of their nicer branches.

        - Sean

        1. There is a Starbucks at 60th and First, also another one at 55th and First.