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Jun 27, 2006 01:45 PM

ciao bella on flatbush ave?

i walked up flatbush from atlantic going to franny's and definitely saw an awning that said "ciao bella ice cream" (on the same side of the street as franny's but closer to atlantic ave.). when i walked back down, i couldn't find the shop. was i hallucinating?

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  1. It's not a Ciao Bella store, but a store that sells Ciao Bella ice cream. I haven't been in there in about two years but it was a very half-assed enterprise last time I went. Very erratic hours - I don't know how it stays in business.

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      In fact, I dont think its still in operation.

    2. i happened to drive by last friday and i noticed this place was open! totally sporadic hours. an enigma. but i do recall getting the malted milk ball gelato there once last year, which is awesome.

      1. thanks! so not quite a hallucination ... perhaps he reeled in the awning while i was getting down on my franny's.
        what a relief -- i was the subject of much criticism from friends as a result!

        1. This place is almost never open... which makes me reluctant to try their ice cream-- how fast could the turnover possibly be? It's one of the biggest mysteries to me about this neighborhood.

          1. I too was thrilled to discover this place, but the only time I went (last year), the gelato was icy, clearly having been refrozen after having melted.
            I used to love the donut/ice cream place a couple of blocks parkwards; they served Hershey's ice cream. But then it turned into a party space and now the party space has gone out of business. The ice-cream gods' wrath.