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Tips on saving canned beans?

I like tuna and bean salad for lunch but never use a whole can of cannelinis. I have trouble keeping the left-over beans for more than a day or (maybe) two. They turn and reek & the smell permeates the fridge. I rinse them & put them in one of those Tupperware type containers. Should I put them in the freezer? Should I not rinse them? What am I doing wrong? Or are left-over beans unsaveable? I'd love help & input on this annoying situation!

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  1. Divide a can into amounts that you will use at one time and freeze them separately. Make sure you include the liquid from the can - the beans will freeze perfectly.

    1. Maybe your fridge isn't cold enough? Leftover bean dishes (including tuna-cannellini salad) keep for a week in mine.

      1. I'd wonder about the fridge temp as well, beans last a week in my fridge as well, and even when I've kept them longer, I only tossed them because I "had to", not because they smelled.

        1. My experience exactly. I frequently make a salad with canned beans, olive oil and lemon/vinegar plus whatever else I want, and I just finished some that I'd made two weeks ago. A little "pickled" from sitting in the dressing all that time, but not at all decomposed.

          I *DO* rinse them before I use them for any cold preparation. If you don't, I'd suspect the liquid of being what's going rotten on you.

          1. Oh, good point! Maybe it's the canning liquid? Yes, I always rinse all of that of.

            1. Canned beans, rinsed or not, should keep for several days if your fridge is cold enough.

              1. I put a plastic sandwich bag over the can and mush it down until it is level with the can contents before putting in the fridge. Keeps the odors out and the food fresh for a week. Works with many canned products besides beans.

                1. put a little olive oil in with the rinsed beans. they'll be fine.

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                    ...and you will also discover that the marriage of beans and olive oil is a *VERY* good thing!

                  2. Are you buying unsalted or low sodium beans? Legumes without salt spoil quickly. Sometimes I sprinkle salt on just the top of the beans before I cover and store.
                    If you don't want salt, you can add a bit of vinegar.