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Jun 27, 2006 01:28 PM

Tips on saving canned beans?

I like tuna and bean salad for lunch but never use a whole can of cannelinis. I have trouble keeping the left-over beans for more than a day or (maybe) two. They turn and reek & the smell permeates the fridge. I rinse them & put them in one of those Tupperware type containers. Should I put them in the freezer? Should I not rinse them? What am I doing wrong? Or are left-over beans unsaveable? I'd love help & input on this annoying situation!

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  1. Divide a can into amounts that you will use at one time and freeze them separately. Make sure you include the liquid from the can - the beans will freeze perfectly.

    1. Maybe your fridge isn't cold enough? Leftover bean dishes (including tuna-cannellini salad) keep for a week in mine.

      1. I'd wonder about the fridge temp as well, beans last a week in my fridge as well, and even when I've kept them longer, I only tossed them because I "had to", not because they smelled.

        1. My experience exactly. I frequently make a salad with canned beans, olive oil and lemon/vinegar plus whatever else I want, and I just finished some that I'd made two weeks ago. A little "pickled" from sitting in the dressing all that time, but not at all decomposed.

          I *DO* rinse them before I use them for any cold preparation. If you don't, I'd suspect the liquid of being what's going rotten on you.

          1. Oh, good point! Maybe it's the canning liquid? Yes, I always rinse all of that of.