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Jul 29, 2004 12:18 AM

Fat Wong's Kitchen - Revisted

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I was "forced" to go to Fat Wong's Kitchen for dinner after having lunch there the same day and I wanted to say that I was more than a little disappointed with the Steamed rice noodle rolls. After I raved about them being very thin and smooth, which was the case at lunch, to family and on this board,the dinner version was thicker and chewier and was only average at best. I suspect that the woman making these had worked from god knows when in the morning and was still making them at almost 9:00 pm at night, which was when we ate. The control of the amount of rice liquid poured over the cloth for steaming might have been less than ideal. The Zah Leung was still very good...sign...I hope this restaurant won't have consistency problems. By the way, has anyone tried the new restaurant up the street from Fat Wong's Kitchen. I think it's called Zen something. Margret

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  1. You're reading my mind! I've been driving by this place every day this week while picking up my friend's daughter to drive her and my daughter to swim class. Today I was thinking, "I wonder if anyone on chowhound has been there!"

    I'd like to know how their prices are, more like a regular place or along the lines of HKFL. Thanks! I'll probably break down soon and try it... swimming class is everyday through next week!

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      Please see my post a little farther down. I don't know how to link the posts..shame on me. The prices are very, steamed rice rolls are $3 to $3.50. Jook is $5-6 average, with expensive items costing more. Stir fried noodles etc are about $5-$7. Portions are decent. I just can't get over how thick that steam roll was at dinner vs lunch! Still, their Yao Tiew's are very good..therefore, their fried dough with steamed rice roll (zah leung) is very good.

    2. Thanks for the tip. So nice to have a place like this down here so we do not have to go to the City.

      The name is a good one per Mrs. y "wonderful jook for a lifetime".

      We has a very good meal for about $20.00.

      We had a bowl of Seafood jook, scallops, shrimps and cuttle fish. The jook itself is creamy and had a rich flavor without adding soy sauce.

      Shredded duck cheung fun. The duck was kind of covered over with shitaek mushrooms and other vegetables. But the duck was tasty. Would like to have more duck so that I could see how well the skin and meat tasted. But I will just have duck along next time.

      Jar Leung was very good the bread was soft but still crispy. The soy sauce mixture had the right combination of sweet and saltyness.

      Beef organs, I ate the whole myself. Mrs. y said she did not want any. But stock was clear, not fatty and very flavorful but it was cooked with turnup which give it sweetness. The meat was tender but had just the right amount of bite.

      The only disappointment was the sesame balls. It took over fifteen minutes to get which was ok since it is cooked to order, but the skin was too thick so I will not order it again.

      Had a very interesting list of deseerts.

      Would another visit. Everything was in English no Chinese specials on the walls.

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        Glad you enjoyed it, Yimster. I am kinda OD on jook and carb's in general right now. I can't believe I said that! There might be hope yet for my never starting diet! ;0)

        1. re: Margret

          We really like it. Mrs. Yimster love the name Fat Wong's. She is planning to start calling me Fat yimster since I am large that Mr. Wong. In fat it was funny during my meal the waiter called to the kitchen "hey fatso you wife is on the phone". No Chowfun I not posting how to say fatso on this site.

          Maybe we will see you there. Just look for a fat Chinese guy with a short wife. I will now know where to go when I want late food.

          Mrs. Yimster is now start a list of good names for Chinese eating places. See like the name.

          1. re: yimster

            Hey Yimster,

            In case you haven't noticed, there are a lot of fat chinese guys running around...usually with a short wife too. Maybe you ought to sport your chowhound card/pin! ;o) If you are into jook, I had a really good one before I OD'ed on carbs yesterday. It was at Gold something inside the renaisance (sp) center in Oakland. It's a small place on the first floor with a green store front. The people used to own Kum Wah on Webster. The jook and the fish cakes are really good.

            1. re: Margret
              Melanie Wong

              I checked Oakland listings under "gold" and "gum" and came up with this address in the Pacific Renaissance Plaza. Might this be it?

              Gum Kuo Restaurant
              (510) 268-1288
              388 9th St Ste 182, Oakland, CA 94607

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Yep, that's the one. I would've never think to go to this one because the take out guy at the chopping board was rather rude. This time I needed to get to my car in the garage and so...once inside, the people are pretty friendly and like I said, I thought the jook was really good. We also order an obligatory order of dried shrimp steamed rice noodles to compare to other places and it was really really fresh and good. Give this place a try if you haven't been. My recommendations at this place are the jook, the steamed rice rolls and any noodles with their signiture house made fish cakes.

                1. re: Margret
                  Melanie Wong

                  Thanks, Margret. Do they validate for the garage? I recall being upset after lunch at Peony to find out that they don't validate parking at lunch time.

                  1. re: Melanie Wong

                    I don't think so...I don't think anyone does these days.

              2. re: Margret

                email me at and maybe we can meet at fat wong's. Love to have a bigger group for jook. Fat Wong's menu is more of a "small eats" than a formal meal. Mrs. y loves jook and it is easy for her to eat.

                Love eating down in the Peninsula instead of go up to San Francisco.

                Mrs. y uses a cane so this may cut the number of fat Chinese men to pick from.

                1. re: yimster

                  I heard that Fat Wong's is quite good for jook. What is the address for this restaurant?

                  Thanks in advance,