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Jun 27, 2006 12:43 PM

Moving to Montvale

Well, we are making the move out of NYC, me kicking and screaming, my SoCal husband looking forward to a backyard and a barbeque. I must admit, I am looking forward to having a garden again... 7 years in SoCal, veggies and herbs and flowers, etc... Ooh, what fun!

Well...with a baby on the way, I gave in... :-) I am actually looking forward to grass and trees and quiet! I think...

Anyway, I know there are plenty of wonderful restaurants in Northern NJ but would love some suggestions in the immediate area and surrounding towns... the next few months will not be easy for getting around but I still want to eat well!

We love everything, looking for casual, inexpensive as well as finer dining. Faves include Italian, Steakhouses, French, Middle Eastern/Mediterranean. Sushi is pretty much out for now but future recs would be most appreciated.

Also, a great butcher, farmers market, and local diner rec would be most appreciated.

Thanks so much, in advance, for your help...

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  1. You're in luck as far as a farmer's market, with DePiero's, just off Grand Avenue in Montvale. It's a good source for produce, with decent prices. It's also has a bakery and a garden shop, a salad bar,and a section of "gourmet foods"--imported jams, sauces, salad dressings, maple syrup, varietal honey, etc. Plus they lease space to a fish market and a deli, so there's a certain one-stop-shopping aspect to it. The major drawback is that they close early--maybe 6 pm during the week--so you need to check the hours.

    That said, Montvale is not a great restaurant area, but there are plenty of options if you broaden your reach a bit. With a 15- to 20-minute drive you can head over to Nyack and the rest of Rockland County, or down to the Westwood area.

    Probably the best Mediterranean nearby is Turkois Grille, just over the NJ/NJ border in Airmont, NY. And Yuki Sushi, right near the train station in the center of Montvale, is probably your best local bet for sushi and other Japanese food.

    One more local treasure is the Dairy Queen at the corner of Chestnut Ridge Road and Summit Ave in Montvale. It's the standard DQ selection of ice cream and related cold treats, but the building has remained untouched since it was erected in the late '50s. Go there on a hot summer night, sip a blizzard in the parking lot, and you feel like you're time traveling.

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      Thanks, that is a great start... BTW: LOVE Dairy Queen, had it for the first time in 20 years about 6 months ago...One of the reason I am happy to be moving to New Jersey :-)

    2. Take a ten minute ride over to Rt. 17N and get off at Franklin Tpke. Go north for half a mile and Kinchley's tavern is on your right for the best thin crust pizza around. Suffern NY is only a few minutes farther and has the area's best mexican rest., Hacienda, as well as a middling Indian place. Immediately past the Franklin Tpke exit in the Kohl's mall is Ginger and Spice, a pan asian place that I like. Ridgewood is only about 15 minutes south on Rt. 17 and you can find whatever you like there. Grek to Me is decent and there's a Brooklyn Coal Oven Pizza which is in the incestuous family of Patsy's / Grimaldi's / Angelo's etc.

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      1. re: Drew E

        Thanks to you as well... sounds perfect...we do not mind driving but soon there will be a little one and traveling for the short term will be tough...

        BTW: Any fine dining you both can recommend? Thanks again...

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          Does anyone have any more info on Hacienda in Suffern...I have been searching for it online and cannot find it.


        2. For fine dining, there's always the Peter Kelly restaurants, Xaviar's and Freelance Cafe in Piermont, and Restaurant X in Congers. will give you menus, driving directions, hours, etc., and you'll find lots of high praise for all three estsablishments on these boards. In the Montvale area, Esty Street falls into the fine dining category, but I haven't found it to be terribly impressive.

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            I will check these out, thanks so much... I have to say, I think the Ridge Diner up Grand Ave. is a good local stop. Went twice during this long weekend with the move-in... Both times, great food and service. I know it is a diner but I like diners and this one works.

          2. The food at the Porter House is supposed to be good. I've only been to their pub, which has great atmosphere and a really good beer selection. Twice a month on Sundays they have a traditional Irish music session which is one of the best in the NYC area (which is why I go there).


            1. Thanks, we happened to have found it the day after the closing when we came to check out the house. It was torrential rain and we were starving...

              Had an amazing cheeseburger, perfectly cooked (just past medium during pregnancy but still moist and delicious)...hope the next one stands up to it...The menu looks great, both beer and food.

              Looking forward to trying it again...