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Jun 27, 2006 12:34 PM

Quebec City: Reservations or Walk-In?

We will be a party of two in Old Quebec dining Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights (July 6 - 8). Looking at Laurie Raphael, Le St. Amour and Aux Anciens Canadiens for dinner.

We don't like long waits (twenty - thirty minutes maximum) but prefer not to make reservations. Do any of these restaurants require or highly recommend reservations? How long is the typical wait for a walk-in? What are the peak dining hours where waits are longest? Should I avoid certain restaurants on certain nights due to heavy tourist traffic?

I have contact information for all of these restaurants, but I prefer the advice of experienced diners. The restaurant employees typically will underestimate the wait and over estimate the need for reservations.

We are really looking forward to our trip!

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  1. All of these restaurants require reservations...especially in the summer.

    1. These restaurants are packed all year long because they are top-class. By the way, the St-Amour and Laurie Raphel are quebec-flavored haute-cuisine whether Aux Anciens Canadiens is traditionnal canadian food. You can also consider the ''Initial'' and ''la table du marché (Frontenac Castle), which are also 4 to 5 stars rated by the AAA.

      1. I wouldnt consider Les Anciens Canadiens as being a top class restaurant...For me it is the biggest tourist trap in the city.

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          Weve been there several times over the years. The food is competent and traditional, the sugar pie is very good and the atmosphere peaceful, much more attractive than the crowded,brasseries and other hectic spots down the hill. Its fixed price meal is excellent value. Its certainly not the gastronomic destination the other named restaurants are but for what it is its fine.

        2. Small world! I'm on town on the 6th and 7th, looking to dine at some of the same restaurants. If I can get internet access I might even be able to post reviews as I go and we can help eachother out. Looks like I'll be at Anciens on the 6th... Haven't made my other reservations yet. I guess I better reserve quick!

          Incidentally, will I need reservations for lunch at Laurie Raphael?