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Jun 27, 2006 10:54 AM

ISO: The best duck in los angeles

Really the only two places that have really stood out in my mind are Mirabelle's (its occasional a special) and sam woo bbq. So basically I don't care if its cheap or expensive, I just want amazing duck!

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  1. If you like Duck Brest served medium rare like an excellent cut of beef, like I do, then from L'Orangerie:

    Le Canard de Barbarie et la Truffe Noire $44.00 RĂ´ti en Parmentier Moderne
    Roasted Moscovi Breast of Duck, Black Truffles and Vegetable Parmentier

    I haven't been there under their current Executive Chef, so I am hoping nothing has changed much. They also have a 55 page Wine List of 25,000 bottles, 600 distinct items, and enough in the $50 area and under to help survive any financial meltdown.

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      Further this post, La Cachette is excellent and a bit less pricey.

    2. This was a HUGE surprise to me, but I really loved the duck Nic's Martini Lounge. Ohmagod. Cooked all crispy-lovely with a cherry/liquer sauce - I mean, helLO. Really yummy.

      I was also very please with the crispy duck dish at Le Petit Bistro on Melrose.

      Mmmmm fowl.



      1. Much better than Sam Woo, Lucky Deli in Chinatown, 1 block away, across the street.

        1. If you like your duck cold, Nanjing-style, try NANJING KITCHEN in San Gabriel.

          If you want Chinese BBQ duck, my vote goes to the takeout side of MPV SEAFOOD in Alhambra.

          You want haute cuisine duck - then my vote goes to Saddle Peak Lodge (


          Of course, if you want innards then go to Patina ( and if you want your fill of foie gras before its banned for good in CA in 2008, goto La Cachette (


          Nanjing Kitchen
          706 West Las Tunas Dr.
          San Gabriel
          (626) 281-8968
          (Closed Tuesdays)

          1420 South Garfield Ave.
          (626) 289-3113

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            FYI, foie gras won't be banned until 2012. I'm wondering if Spago, Sona and the like will have blow out foie gras New Year's parties on Dec. 31 2011.

            1. re: sku

              Of course you're right on 2012 ... but doesn't it start taking effect in 2008 and then completely phases in by 2012?

              1. re: ipsedixit

                It (the total ban) might not even go into effect at all.

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                  Nope, the law does not go into effect until 2012, so you can eat foie and be happy until then.

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                Unfortuneatly, on Saddle Peak's web-menu last updated 5/31/06, it isn't available.

                1. re: JBC

                  How unforuntate, maybe Chef Murillo is saving it all for the chili ...

              3. Lu Din Gee for Beijing duck in San Gabriel

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                  Lu Din Gee is good, but just be warned it is not real, authenitc Peking Duck (not properly air-dried, etc.) given the health codes in LA (and throughout the U.S).