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Jun 27, 2006 04:08 AM

In search of the ULTIMATE Lobsta Roll (non-Boston area)

[PLEASE NOTE: This thread was originally started on the Boston board at, and we've moved part of it to this board so the non-Boston lobster roll lovers can add their input-- The Chowhound Team


Hands down the best lobster roll I've ever had in Mass. is at a tiny watering hole known as the Raw Bar (or just Bobby's) in the Popponesset Marketplace (Cape Cod). The lobster roll is a meal and a half. Little to no mayo, great chunks of lobster. The bucket of steamers and cobbed corn are worth it as well. The atmosphere is lots of fun if you hit it at the right times. I'm going to try Neptune as a new adventure, as others have suggested it.

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  1. Arnold's in Eastham has a great lobster roll that comes with fries and cole slaw for about $14.

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      If you are going to be in Eastham, I prefer the Friendly Fisherman up the road from Arnolds a mile or so, I N. Eastham. Small take out on the side of the fish market. One of the best/largest/freshest lobster rolls I've had on the Cape yet.

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        Great reccomendation, Sci Chick!! We tried Friendly Fisherman during the first week of August and it was just as you said, the best/largest/freshest lobster rolls we've had on the Cape. So good, we ate lobster rolls for lunch there two days in a row.


    2. I had a spectacular one at the Two Lights lobster shack in Cape Elizabeth, ME, this weekend. Beautiful meat, a blob of mayo on top with some paprika -- that's all. Get the onion rings rather than the fries.

      Also had one at Barnacle Billy's in Perkins Cove, which was perfectly fine but no competition for Two Lights. They toasted the roll, which is nice. But it's a "salad" type, with mayo and celery mixed in -- good-sized chunks of lobster, though.

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        Woo-hoo! I love that place. I have gone there the past few years when visiting friends in Cape Elizabeth. I am on the hunt for something similar in NYC/LI.

      2. To my taste, a lobster roll is never served cold, and is never adulterated with mayo or celery. Ingredients should be a buttered roll, lobster meat and butter. An optional squirt of lemon by the consumer is also acceptable. The most plentiful lobster roll that I have found is at Abbott's in Noank. It is so bit that a Split Hot Dog Roll could never hold it. Instead, it is served on a Hamburger Bun.

        1. That's easy, Reds Eats in Wiscasset, ME. Very simple, toasted bun filled with the meat from a chic (1 lb) lobster. Butter or mayo served on the side.

          I've had lots of lobster rolls in my 16 years of living in NH/Maine and so far Reds is the best of the lot.

          1. Two Lights has a great crabmeat roll, too! Yum!