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Jun 27, 2006 04:31 AM

Miami Spice Restaurant Month is (almost) back

The list for the Miami Spice restaurants is out. The promotion allows you to go to participating restaurants and order from lunch and dinner prix fixe menus for $20.06 and $30.06, respectively. Some changes this year (Vix is out, Wish is in). Menus and additional restaurants are apparently pending. Something to look forward to this summer besides humidity and hurricanes.

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  1. Thanks! I was in Toronto last summer and missed this. (I wish I'd missed that last hurricane as well.) They do this in Toronto and call it Summerlicious and Winterlicious and its a huge hit, with some of the restaurants doing a great job, others not so much.

    Did you participate last year, and if so, which restaurants? And how were they? There are a few on the list I'm thinking of trying, depending on what their Spice menus look like. (They'll post the actual Spice menu in advance, right?) How's Baleen?

    1. Looks like a nice big list of restaurants. I'm new to the area, and so many of the names are still unfamiliar to me. I'm curious to see what the menus look like. I just moved down from sarasota, where about 20 restaurants just did the same thing for the first time a few months ago. Hopefully some of the miami restaurants will actually offer menus that are a good value. I know that in sarasota I heard complaints of a certain steakhouse having fish as the only available entree for their restaurant-week menu. Anybody recall any standout menus or deals from previous years?

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        Do you guys know if Broward has a similar deal?

      2. Alright, I'm moving this topic back up to the top of the board. The list for Miami Spice is out and a lot of the restaurants have menus posted. There's new places I've wanted to try (8 1/2, 510 Ocean, Social, afterglo) and the stalwarts (Ortanique, Chef Allen, etc.). It seems like there's more participants than last year.

        One new thing is participating chef demos at Macy's in Dadeland and Aventura. There's around 15 in all and go from August to September. It's a great addition.

        Now the question: Who's going where and who's avoiding what?

        1. I always recommend Tuscan Steak. Their spice menu is great. Ton of food

          1. in response to several quieries i would first like to say broward does have a similiar program,but less restaurants involved i believe.Secondly i would say that one has to review the menus available at the participating restaurants because many have been know to serve less than their best dishes on the spice menu because it is so cheap.Many servers who work at these restaurants will vouch for this.I would give a pass on any restaurant that is serving chicken or chilean salmon as its miami spice choices and give the business to restaurants who really desire your patronage.In previous years i have found that the best value i have experienced has come from the offerings for lunch by christys,smith and wollensky,and shula's,and most unique dishes from azul,emerils,chef allens,and talulas.I have a question for other posters.Will china grill or tuscan steakhouse serve its spice menu to one patron,or must one go there with someone else to qualify?