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Jun 27, 2006 04:09 AM

X'otik Kitchen -- good, bad or ripoff?

Any thoughts? Will be in the area for work, wondering if this place is chow-worthy.

Thanks as always.

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  1. Have not been yet but Just moved in to Culver City where I also work I'll try it out this week if I can. But I remember posts about it saying that is was decent but nothing worth going out of ones way for.

    Take Care


    1. I work near X'otik and eat lunch there b/c of its proximity to my office. I don't think I'd stop by otherwise. Everything is tasty, but nothing really stands out nor lives up to the "x'otik" descriptor. I usually get the roasted veggie salad, which only occassionally has all the ingredients in it that are listed on the menu. I think you'd be better off going a bit further down Washington to Cafe Surfas for about the same price, if not a bit cheaper.


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        Recommend Cafe Surfas highly as a substitute!

        Last night I had the Turkey chopped salad and a Valrona coconut cream cupcake there. I expected to be disappointed because they had stopped making sandwiches, so the salad was just in the "to go" case. But, YUM! they roast tiny pieces of carrots and leaks, along with toasted pecans, amazing blue cheese, dried cranberries, turkey of course, and a garlic maple dressing.

        I was quite happy.

        1. re: ElissaInPlaya

          Can I just say that I think neither x'otic kitchen or Surfas cafe are very good? I went to X'otic a long time ago (maybe I should go back and check it out again) but I remember being so disappointed that my order came in a disposable metal pie dish accompanied by pre-packaged plasticware that was not even strong enough to cut through my vegetables. I had a chicken dish and remember it being just fine, but could not comprehend why they would serve their food that way - especially since I was eating it there at one of their tables.

          I have been disappointed with everything I've eaten at Surfas and I've tried a few different things including the cookies, the 'filet mignon' chili (why would anyone put well done flavorless filet in chili?!) the macaroni and cheese, and a grilled cheese sandwich. None of it was to my liking, however my dear friend swears that they have absolutely delicious salads.

          Have your tried Tree Forest that is right across the street from Beacon? For great iced tea and super casual grilled sandwiches it's a great place to try and is just down the street from both Surfas and X'otic.

          1. re: MareZeeDotes

            Thanks - I'll give Tree Forest a look.

      2. X'otic is ok. Healthy, anyway. But around the time of Katrina, they jacked up their prices ("due to Hurricane Katrina"). That made me pretty mad since I'm pretty sure they were just trying to take advantage of the situation, here in this L.A. I haven't been back since.