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Jun 27, 2006 03:14 AM

June 26th Hell's Kitchen (one tiny spoiler!)

Well, all I have to say is Sara is downright EVIL and I hope someone takes her down! That was sabotage, pure and simple, and it was obvious she took pleasure in it.

I have to say I did enjoy the look of horror on most of the contestants' faces when all those kids came running into HK all at once for lunch. Even Chef Ramsay had a particularly gleeful look on his face watching them watch the kids run amok.

At least the right person got the boot tonight, between the two candidates up for elimination. At least I think so.

But I just look at all of these contestants and compare them to last year, and there's no contest - last year's cast at least had their act together a lot more than these folks do. FOX-TV definitely stacked the deck for Ramsay to yell a lot more this year.

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  1. Sara is beyond evil. To be willing to lose just to sabotage two team members is almost sick. And her big grin, I nearly threw my shoes at the TV. I wish Ramsay watched the tapes as Trump does, or talked to his two sous chefs. They know Sara is the one who lied.

    Heather did show her strength. She pulled the men together. This has to be a plus for her if she ever gets called to "step forward".

    I wonder how awful the other chefs were for Tom to make it on the show. He was sooooooooo bad. Thank goodness he is gone.

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    1. re: Janet

      hello, it seems clear that the relatively poor quality of this year's aspirants is due to an intentional effort on the part of Fox to magnify failure, frustration, and conflict, and/or disinterest from potential candidates.

      Since the premise is that Ramsay offers a "fast track" to a top position, people with real ability would be inclined to trust in themselves, and in the value of grinding it out and gaining from the experience, far more than in what they would get at the mercy of Ramsay and Fox. I take note that in both seasons, the Asian- and African-american candidates were weak and unqualified. How many potentials with strong qualities would tolerate the abuse? enjoy

      1. re: moto

        I agree. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to watch this series - it's grating on my nerves. First of all, Ramsay seems to be faking his outburts. I mean, much of the time there's no clear reason why he's singling out a contestant and verbally stomping all over them. True, most of the contestants aren't performing well, but how do we know it's because they are truly inept and not just frazzled from all the abuse? I'm sure there are hardass chefs all over the world but this is a little over the top. How can anyone work in an environment like that - or want to for that matter? Is it that important to be on TV and have your 15 minutes of fame? For what...a stomach ulcer? Sigh.

        And now for my second point/questions...when did Sara replace Heather as the evil contender and when did Heather start liking Garrett? I thought they were enemies???

        1. re: isadorasmama

          Yeah, at one point he kicked something and he looked pretty goofy.

          As for the Sara issue, Sara laughed while Virginia was called a liar by GR and later admitted she sabotaged Virginia. I am not sure what is going with Heather and Garrett.

          I am hoping it will get better because last year as the contestants dwindled, it got interesting.

    2. What a sorry lot of aspiring chefs. Still, only Heather shows any potential of being a professional in the end and even I'm not so sure if Ramsey would hand over the reigns of a large restaurant to her based on what we've seen thus far.

      But Tom had to go. What a schlub.

      There is nobody I'm rooting for so far. I feel like I'm watching this year's American Idol - watching it because nothing else is on at that hour, and it's mildly entertaining but I could care less about any of the contestants.

      Gee, both Fox shows too, what do you know...

      1. I can't believe Virginia! This girl has no confidence at all! She should have jumped right in and nominated Sara (Sauron). Also in her 'defense' speech to GR, she nearly offered to commit hara kiri. Good riddance to Tom. Yuck! I think Heather can whip the blue team into a unit now. As observed before, Heather seems to be the only professional on either team.

        1. Heather is organized, calm and seems able to work the line and turn out the dishes. She is a sous chef. Why they chose those other shmoos, I don't know? It can only be for the yelling. I'm sure there were better qualified people than those losers. And why doesn't GR speak with his sous chefs. Surely, no one runs kitchen without input from trusted assistants about the workers. He just goes off on them without any real reason, but that is the show. DON'T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY, IT IS TV. Michael the winner from last year didn't start his restaurant or go to London with Ramsey. He is selling knives on line--so there it is, and he could cook.

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          1. re: faijay

            " And why doesn't GR speak with his sous chefs. Surely, no one runs kitchen without input from trusted assistants about the workers. He just goes off on them without any real reason,"

            Well, we're seeing what the editors want us to see. I'd be surprised if Ramsay doesn't speak with the sous chefs frequently, but it probably doesn't make for interesting TV.

          2. Are they working from Ramsay's recipes? It's totally unclear.