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Jun 27, 2006 02:56 AM

Korean BBQ in New Orleans?

Craving some authentic Korean BBQ. Anyone know of a good place in New Orleans or in surrounding areas?

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  1. Korea House in Fat City (the area of Metairie near Lakeside Mall) is the only Korean restaurant around these parts (Baton Rouge might have one, but I don't know). It has a wide-ranging korean menu and friendly staff. Haven't been post-K, so I can't provide a recent report.

    1. Korea House is so good, it's insane. Got 4 stars in the Times Picayune right before Katrina. He didn't give it 5 because of the decor.

      They have a soup that is so hot that it makes even the coolest customers sweat profusely.

      1. for the record, there are no korean places in baton rouge. i'll have to check this place out though

        1. Try
          Korean Restaurant 4053 Tulane Ave. New Orleans LA 70119 504-482-4044

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            Have you driven this stretch of Tulane Ave lately? Not much open on it, still a 38" watermark visible on most things. Anyway, I suspect that you've uncovered an old, old listing for a Korean restaurant that (long pre-K) moved to the CBD and was located for a while inside a chain hotel at the corner of Baronne & Common (the old Sears building) didn't last long there, and I don't know what happened to it after that (sorry that the name has slipped my mind--maybe somebody out there not suffering from PTSD can remember it!)

            1. re: Hungry Celeste

              Ghengis Khan. I was just trying to remember what it was called the other day, and my darling husband helped me out. That place was so fun. Not bad food, either. The place was empty a lot once they moved downtown, though.