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Jun 27, 2006 02:17 AM

Fresh corn - do you check it out before you take it home?

I am always amazed at how many people buy fresh ears of corn and never bother to pull back the husk and check out the kernels. I watched a woman today at Whole Foods just take 4 ears off the pile and put them into the plastic bag. Is this the norm here in NYC?

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    1. I would never ever pull back the husks. That is really bad form. Weigh the ear in your hand. Does it feel heavy and full? Feel the top of the ear at the tip. Does it feel full too? If so you do not need to pull the husks back which hastens the spoiling of the ear and drying it out. Would you want to buy an ear somone else had pull the husk back on and discarded?

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        I agree totally. I choose most fruits and veggies by sight, feel and smell. I rarely have gotten a bad ear and my unscientific guess that the % bad is much much lower than getting a brown avacado or a tasteless melon. If I was nervous I would just buy a few extra ears!

        My real question is the same as Candy's: For those that DO peak-Do you ever buy corn that other poeple have peaked at or it just a total loss for the farmer/grocer?

      2. Would you really buy an ear of corn that someone else has looked at and discarded? Serves as a hint that all is not well with it, right?

        Does a "full feeling" ear mean that the majority of the kernels are good and not brown and yucky?

        1. I look at it as any other fruit or vegetable. I would never cut up an avocado to see if it has brown streaks. Or open a package of blueberries to see if any are bad. I agree it is bad form.

          1. I pull just a little to peek at the end....checking for worms, rot. If there are, I don't take it, and no one else would anyway! Otherwise, I take the ear.