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Jun 27, 2006 02:04 AM

Ideas, Suggestions and Constructive Criticism

I was going to post this on the "things I don't like..." thread, but I really do like the new site so it didn't seem right. The team has done a great job and worked so hard that I think a more positive thread title is appropriate.

The "new" symbol is fantastic! A couple of things to consider doing with it:

-List what poster(s) posted the last new post(s).
-Let the user click on the "new" icon to automatically go to the newest post.
-Change the "new" symbol so that it stands out more.

The profiles page is a great addition, but:
-As you've probably noticed, the term "unnecessary" (as in longest road trip) seems contrary to the concept of this site.
-Might be nice to see who a user is tracking, because if I'm tracking someone there's a good chance I'm interested in who they're tracking.
-(And now I'm quibbling) can you change the word "restaurants" in top 5 restaurants? Lots of great chow destinations are not technically restaurants.

I love the "bumping" feature for resurrecting old threads, but I worry that new threads might get buried too soon. With only 20 threads per page, it's really easy to have a lot of bumps on an active board and new tips, reports and queries are rapidly relegated to the second, third or fourth page. I don't really have a solution for this other than posting more threads per page or dividing the page into "new" threads and "bumped" threads. I worry that new users may get frustrated and turned off if their posts immediately disappear from the main page. I know bumping works for a lot of boards, but there are few boards as dynamic as Chowhound.

Really, these are mostly quibbles. You've done a great job and, if anything, the new format is even more addictive. What matters are the people and I'm thrilled to see many of my old favorites still posting.

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  1. the more i explore the site the more sense it makes, but it is taking some time to adjust to. good job to the chowhound team for everything you've done so far. the search functionality, while not perfect, is a vast improvement over the old site's "needle in a haystack" approach. i also see a lot of potential in "my chow".

    one suggestion i have is perhaps a roll-over pop-up preview of a thread's original post. sometimes you want just a little more detail than the heading describes.

    i also agree with others' criticism of font size. the larger font actually makes it harder to skim topics at a glance and single out keywords i'd be interested in.

    i'm sure the team has plenty of other fantastic features and tricks up your sleeve so keep it up. you're doing great work!

    1. What do you mean by bumping?

      This is why we need preview. I meant this to go on Morton the Mousse. Oh, well.

      1. Bumping is when someone brings a post back to the top of the "most recent replies" view by adding a reply.

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        1. re: Luther

          The reply that is added to bump doesn't add any content....

          It usually says something like:


          1. re: zruilong

            You could always hit the 'report this post' link and say that is inappropriate and doesn't add information to the post, though don't know how the Chowhound team would feel about posters reporting that.

            IMO, at the very least one would hope that the poster would do something like add a comment like in the past that said, thanks for all the suggestions so far, are there any other ideas other than an impersonal <<bump>>. It is unlikely I'd reply to someone who did that.

            1. re: rworange

              A post that just says <<bump>> seems a clear violation of site etiquette to me. It doesn't even rise to the level of chitchat.

        2. you may want to fix this too..

          "These are people who think you posts are so good, that they want to keep tabs on what you posts. You can click on their names and see what they are into as well!"

          and "edit settings" would be more accurate if you said "change password" unless you plan on adding more features to the edit settings page.

          1. I too like the new site very much, you all are doing a great job.
            I especilly like the "Home" feature, where all the newest posts are. Is it possible to move that feature up to the top bar right next to "Boards"?

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            1. re: Ida Red

              If you click on CHOWHOUND in the upper left corner, it will take you to "home".