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Jun 27, 2006 02:02 AM

Great dim sum in Long Island, NY!

I've been having a bit of a hard time finding a good Chinese restaurant in Long Island, let alone one that serves dim sum on weekends! So I was super happy to find one in Bethpage, Long Island with fresh dim sum traditionally pushed in carts. The Orient's location is a bit deceiving, tucked away in a small strip mall off Hicksville Road, its pretty unassuming. But once I got whiff of the food and how they were being served Hong Kong style, I know I'd hit jackpot!!! Doesn't hurt that 80% of the patrons were Asian, a likely testimony of authenticity!

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  1. I find the Orient mostly hit or miss. I once ordered lomein with mushrooms and the dish was 99% noodles with little additional ingredients. Sometimes the featured dishes are good. Regarding dim sum, I have gone two or three times during the last two years and found one cart with a few decent offerings: shu mai, har gow, etc. They had only one cart when I was there on Saturdays. The patrons , in my experience, were at most 10% Asian. It is a welcome addition to LI Chinese, but it is a stretch to call it "great." try Flushing for dim sum and experience the difference.


    1. My visit was more like Kristanhty. About 80% Asian (ours and another table were the only non Asians in the place, not that this means anything) A multitude of carts, certainly not just one cart, not only carts but waiters with trays walking around as well. We were there at exacly 11am (can't remember if it was a sat or sun) it was empty and I was disappointed. within 10min the place was packed and the carts started coming out.

      1. Hi budcar, I guess your experience was a miss. I've had dim sum in Flushing and Chinatown, of course in many ways they are superior in ambience, selection, etc. but I still stand by my review, plus after all the unfortunate experiences I've had with Chinese food in Long Island this was a treasure find for me!!!

        1. I have always liked the Orient. Once did a banquet for ten that came out less than $25/couple with leftovers. If you go for lunch, the trick is if you cannnot find anything on the little menu card, request the full size menu.

          I usually order the dim sum of the menu. Sometimes the service is a little distant as you may have a language gap with the server. An other alternative for dim sum is Fortune Wheel in Levittown, but service is worst if you cannot speak Chinese. Fortune wheel also has good food.


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            Between the Orient and Fortune Wheel for Dim Sum I stick with FW. During the week their dim sum offerings are limited but what they offer is fresh and tasty. Love the taro cake and pan fried leek dumplings. I quess that because I go there at least once a week for lunch the waiters know me as I do them on a first name basis. Therefore no communication problems.

          2. Fortune Wheel is so much better. Maybe I am imagining things- but I noticed, and so did my husband, that Asians were served a complementary pickled vegetables and plum soup for desert. So,one time I asked for it and the waiter did bring it out. I do not feel that I should have to request the items - even though maybe they though it would not suit American tastes- but it should have been offered without asking. Another time we went - a huge party took up most of the restaurant with 4 tables opened tothe public. We walked out after we realized what was happening and no dim sum carts were coming around.It was a huge turn-off for us. Service and the food is great at Fortune Wheel. We go there often and the waiters know us and even remember our likes and dislikes.