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Jun 27, 2006 01:35 AM

Moroccan Food and Night Out...Great Fun

Dinner and entertainment all in one at CASABLANCA in Warrington/Doylestown on Rt. 611

Forget the movie. Just go to the restaurant, casual attire and get ready for a great fun night. Go about 7 or 730 pm

Pay one price for the multi course meal. Beef, Rabbit, or Chicken
All courses are excellent.
Belly Dancers are classy, not embarrassing.
Music is fun.
Food is authentic and very good.
You will be there for at least two hours.
Seating arrangement is on cushions in "living rooms"
Eat with your fingers.
They wash your hands for you
All waiters are informative and complete gentlemen
Authentic dress
Your napkin is a towel they put in your lap.
It's more like a once a year event.
Definitely bring people with you.
The more you bring, the more fun it is. Really.
It was my first Moroccan restaurant so I don't have others to compare it to although there are several in the Philly area. This one is very easy to get to and there is no problem parking like some of the city restaurants. Just google it.

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  1. No disrespect to this place or any other but...are there any Moroccan places in the Philly area that aren't theme parks? I love Moroccan food but really don't need costumes and vaudeville with my tagines.

    1. I've been to the Moroccan restaurant Marrakesh in DC several times over the past 20 years and have always had good food and a good time. I only go if we have a bunch of folks, take over a section with couches, and make it a party. Sometimes it's fun to go to a theme park.

      1. I agree about the food. Unlike most instances of the integrated meal/show/"experience" genre, this place actually serves very good food. I'd gladly go even without the belly dancers and such, and despite the drive up from Baltimore. It really is worth a drive for those of us in Baltimore, as there aren't any good Moroccan places down here.

        That said, my favorite moment of the couple of times I've been there (visiting friends at U-Del) was one night when they had both the regular female belly dancer, and a male dancer. Both were quite good, and the show is much more restrained and less kitschy than one finds at many places of this sort. Of course, both featured dancers did the "entice one of the diners up to dance" bit.

        Unfortunately for the male dancer, he had no idea what he was getting into. The woman he picked out of the crowd (who was clearly NOT a plant - she arrived, ate, and later left with a large and boisterous group) must have been a belly dancing master. She led him on for a few moments as he tried the usual "just do what I do" schtick, but then she let loose. He was left wide-eyed, and finally ended up doing the "We're not worthy!" bowing bit from "Wayne's World" - to the GREAT amusement of the waiters, who were cheering and applauding wildly for the woman, and poking good-natured fun at the dancer.

        One got the distinct impression that they'd never had an audience member of this caliber, and that they had never expected that they ever would. What are the odds, after all? Even if there's somebody that good in the crowd, what are the chances that the dancer will zero in on the one with the ability, unless that person jumps up? (and she didn't) One also got the impression that while the male dancer seemed to be a nice enough guy, the staff was greatly amused to witness him meeting his match, though to his credit, he handled it with good humor once the initial shock wore off.

        1. I agree with the previous post-er -- the food here is excellent. Just wanted to point out that they also have a vegetarian option for the zillion course (or whatever) dining experience. I've been with a large group and we were allowed to split the order (i.e. say six of us are meat eaters, two are veg'n) and they were very accomodating. The vegetarian bastilla is excellent, and the carrot salad is one of my favorite dishes anywhere. And you will make use of the towel for your napkin. The hot tea is a perfect end to the meal. Also, the price is great -- $20/person -- although you will likely order a bottle or two (or three) of wine...

          For those looking for the same food with less flash, there is Ali Baba on Main Street on UD's campus in Newark, DE. Same owners, same food. You still get the general atmosphere, without the carnival. But this is in Delaware, no? So are we on the right board? Or is there another similar Casablanca in Doylestown? (The one I've been to is in Wilmington on DuPont Highway...)