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Jun 27, 2006 12:52 AM

Usernames: Some Don't Link to Profile Page

I noticed that on some new posts, the "posted by John Doe" sometimes is linked to John Doe, sometimes not. Since you can't post without registering, and I don't see a way to opt out of having your username accessible, I was wondering why this is?

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  1. Everything that was posted via the old software was imported into this software, and those imported posts don't have clickable usernames.

    1. Is there any way to migrate these old posts over to be under our current profile? I'd sure be like to see the index of my old posts and threads (and other people's). Or are they "unsigned" forever?

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      1. re: JugglerDave

        Well, we'll never say "never", but at this time we don't expect any change on this front.

        1. re: JugglerDave

          Rworange has been posted that she's used the search engine to find her old posts and bookmarked/saved them in her profile. However, this is not visible to anyone else.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Right. That works wonderfully for me, I just scroll down my bookmarked posts and get to what I want immediately.

            I would like a flag though that would allow people to let others see their bookmarked posts if that was so desired.

            As rworange I have over 1600 posts.

            Only 300 of them are significant as in a restaurant that I did a post about.

            So if someone is looking for my posts through search under my name, they will see all 1600 posts. Big old drag. Let me tell you going to post 1600 personally was a little bit of a chore.

            What might be cool in some future version of search is when searching by poster name, to have an option to return only posts started by the poster.

            Furthering that thought, it would be nice if posters could somehow flag some of the posts they started as not showing up in the list. Restaurants close, some posts are informational and temporary ... like the fact that there are sour cherries available this week at the farmers market.

            Not that I consider anything I posted as golden. However I would like to see a list like this for other posters.

            Using you as an example, Melanie, I love your ramen series. If I search on your name and enter the word ramen, I get every single post you started about ramen plus every post where you commented on it.

            If there was an option to select only posts that you started about ramen, I'd have an easy way to see what restaurants you reported about.

            That might not be the best example, since you put the word ramen in all those posts so I could search by your name and title only and probably easily find those posts (love that search). However, not everyone does that.

            Although posts started about ramen by other posters have that word in the title and you probably comment on some of those (heh) so it still doesn't solve anything for me ... sort of like me commenting on all the posts about Polish food as well as originating them.

            I'd like to easily see a quick list of all the restaurants people did a report about and not just every comment they made on the board