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Top dishes at ANGELINI OSTERIA??

Going there in a couple of weeks. What are their best dishes besides the lasagna? How are their daily specials, for example?

Thanks, Chowhounders!

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  1. The liver is delish. The shaved artichoke salad (maybe a special) was raw (intentionally), which made it a little rough, so it's not for the delicate. Defintely go for the specials - especially the fish. Tiramisu is straightforward and reliable.

    1. I always like the bombolotti all'amatriciana.

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        Second the bombolotti - best amatriciana West of NYC.

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          The bombolotti all'amatriciana is wonderful.

      2. i love the blood sausage on mashed potatoes!
        i agree with above that the fegatini is awesome.
        my last trip i found the artichoke hearts kind of boring though :(

        1. I recall an octopus appetizer that I really enjoyed. I'm sure many will recommend the salt baked branzino but I never understood the popularity of it.

          1. Honestly, I don't think you can pick a bad dish at Angelini. Our favorites have to include the Nonna Elvira lasagna (I'm hoping since you mentioned it, it's already on your list - it is divine!) and the pumpkin tortelli.

            1. i recently discovered angelini thanks to the good folks on this board and went twice in last few weeks. 1st time i had the tasting menu with wine pairing and 2nd time i ordered 4 courses with 3 glasses of wine. value wise, the tasting menu is very worth it. $85 for 9 small courses, including a cheese course. the wine pairing is unbelievably priced at only $20 extra. last time i went, place ran out of the friday special, "stinco" veal shank. apparently this dish is highly recommended and was recently featured in sunday la times magazine "west" annual restaurant guide. looking forward to trying that next time, as well as the saturday special porchetta.

              i loved the following dishes:

              polipo octopus
              tagliolini with sea urchin
              rigatoni all'amatriciana (same as bombolotti?)
              pasta with black truffle shavings (not on menu, part of tasting, forgot name)
              affogato gelato (good espresso makes the diff)

              these i thought only ok:

              affetati misti
              rack of lamb

              1. Zucchini flowers have been offered in several forms lately: fried or "dorati" in a spicy tomato sauce. Squid ink tagliolini with seafood is great!

                  1. The spaghetti alla carbonara and the risottos are can't miss dishes. Also, worth trying are the pizzas.

                    1. Thanks for all the great suggestions! Just wondering, what is the taste and texture of the branzino like?

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                        i think no one can fault the preparation and the presentation of the branzino at angelini. i think it just depends on whether or not you like the taste or texture of branzino. i've had it at angelini, i've tasted it from il grano and i've had it home made by a friend. i've never really liked it that much cuz i like an oilier fish, like i dont like chicken breast meat. hopefully no one gets offended by this comment.

                      2. I looooooooove the tripe!

                        1. I love the Branzino. Very light, moist because it's cooked in salt crust, and not fishy at all if that's the concern.

                          1. Hello? How has no one mentioned the Bistecca Fiorentino? The best steak in LA as far as I can tell, and that includes all the steakhouses I have been to.

                            1. The ravioli with swiss chard & ricotta is quite tasty.

                              1. Man...I'm getting hungry reading this...

                                1. I live just a couple of blocks from this place, and yet I've never tried it. It's a huge, gaping hole in my LA food experience that this post is inspiring me to fill. (My usual strategy with places like this is to go at an off hour so as to avoid feeling rushed and crowded; any sense about whether this will work here?)

                                  1. at angelini osteria, almost everything is good. just stay away from anything that sounds like it might be served at the milan hilton. the chef did a lot of italian hotel work in his youth and from time to time still feels the need to serve poached salmon, etc.

                                    1. I haven't been in a few months, but the cuttlefish with tripe is amazing. I've never had anything like it before or since. The cuttlefish was incredibly tender (how is it possible for cuttlefish to be tender?!), and the tripe was just luscious. Earthy and luscious.

                                      1. I was there two weeks ago and had the veal liver with mashed potatoes. Outstanding. Also the pizza is like air. Always get the lasagna as an appetizer and if they have John Dory get it no matter how it's prepared. Gino is a genius with fish.

                                        1. ok after all this talk i went to angelini again last night.
                                          i had the warm polipo with tomatoes.
                                          the tripe with cuttlefish
                                          and a new dish which was tagliolini formed into a cylinder, wrapped with thinly sliced zuchini and lightly baked, with lobster and mussels and an asparagus sauce. unfortunately it was way over salted (and i like salty food) (but the bar/waiter noticed our half eaten plate and promptly took it off of the bill without me asking him to do so.) with food like that i'll put up with abuse, but that type of service and attention i really appreciate.
                                          left a nice tip.

                                          oh and after dinner we walked to hatfields for dessert (peanut butter truffle cake with salted caramel ice cream) and had amazing service there too (complimentary taste of two dessert wines) and my waiter from last week said "hey great seeing you again" talked to herr hatfield and complimented him on his cooking...

                                            1. kahn. you live blocks away and have never been? how?

                                              get ready to take out another mortage on your house you are gonna drop some serious change here on the regular. go around 6 and you should be good.

                                              1. Also, do they make certain drinks at Angelini like you would get in Italy: like a Negroni or a Spritz?

                                                Thanks, dicohen. I am a huge fan of fish and other seafood. Never had John Dory before. Would you suggest that over the branzino? (I had branzino in northeastern Italy, and I'm afraid it will be an unfair comparison.)


                                                1. PORCHETTA! PORCHETTA! PORCHETTA! It is roast pig. It is big. It comes to the table and they slice and slice and slice. I haven't been to A's for a while, it might be a special of a certain night of the week?

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                                                  1. I've been there a lot. Will have more comments after my tasting menu (first time) tonight.


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                                                      Opening: potato gnocchi (complimentary)
                                                      Prosecco w/ Tuna Carpaccio 9/10
                                                      Pancenella Bread Salad w/ Broiled breaded sardine (I am a fish snob, this was delicious)
                                                      Gavi w/ Squid Ink Raviolo stuffed with Crabmeat, green beans
                                                      Barbera Spaghetti Sausage Ragu w/ Black Summer Truffles
                                                      Branzino (mediterranean fish) w/ Clams and baby carrots.
                                                      Veal Stinco (friday special)
                                                      port wine egg and custard (like ice cream)
                                                      plum Tart w/ vanilla ice cream

                                                      Sorry didn't get the years, and was drinking too much to remember the wines. It was one of the best meals I've had. The fish? I'm a spearfisher. This was impressive.

                                                    2. Branzino and the marscapone dessert.