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Is it me or does the new format make us friendlier?

I've been reading this board regularly for 6 years. Over the last three days I've noticed a nicer more gentle tone among posts and posters.

Could this be the new format or are the chow police puting in overtime?

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  1. I think it's just like the first day of school. Everyone's wearing their new clothes and on their best behavior... for now ;-)

    1. I think, for the most part, the new format cuts down on the trolls. Those snarky remarks don't stand out as part of a large post.

      Also there was a certain 'hit and run' mentality in the way the old board was set up.

      Suddenly someone would post a snarky remark and thousands (it seems) of people with nothing better to do (or blush, were hit the wrong way) would jump into the fray.

      Now all you see is the number of replies and a single reply certainly doesn't stand out ... and ... you can edit ... I can't count the times ... really, I can't ... when I said something dumb, hit post and the cold shock of sanity and regret hit me ... and trust me ... I really work to be a responsible poster and keep it to the food. Sometimes you just get sucked in.

      About that editing, someone who gave a snarky reply to one of my posts, went back and edited it to give a food-related reply.

      So yes, I think the board is friendlier ... and it is easier to report the trolls ... and from my understanding for the Chowhound team to delete those posts.

      I tell you, I'd pay big bucks to someday hear what Chowhound had to do to delete posts on the old software. I've been in IT for decades and delete was never a problem. I'd be fascinated.

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      1. re: rworange

        Oh - how many times have I done that? Only to report myself to a Mod and say "you'll probably need to delete me".

        Glad I can monitor myself now and edit my reactionary responses after the fact.

      2. It's a lot like the whole company just moved into new offices and everyone is exploring and sharing what they've found. "Have you tried the coffee shop on the ground floor?" "Where's the closest bank?" "Is the restaurant up the street any good?" "Who're those people on the second floor, anyway?"

        1. I think just requiring registration helps matters, too. Of course, serious miscreants can always find ways to disrupt, but many trolls are lazy, luckily for us.

          1. Seeing a bunch of posts in a thread while replying, rather than just whichever post you're replying to, makes for a more social context for the post.

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            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              That's a good point, Robert. And perhaps when folks can easily read all the replies to an OP in one place, there will be a little less repetition, too.

            2. I don't think the backbiting and sniping has diminished. And I think that making all the tracking lists publicly visble is a bad idea, because if feeds an adolescent clique mentality. Personally, I think my tracking should only be known to myself and my trackees.

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              1. re: Gary Soup

                I agree with you about the tracking. I admit to indulging my idle curiousity, but there's no way I need to know that stuff.

                1. re: Gary Soup

                  Well, Gary ... then stop that backbiting and sniping, will ya?

                  Hmmmm ... tapping my fingers ... should I hit edit?

                  Just kidding ... sort of ... but personally I'm less likely to reply to someone who makes the snarky comment. In the past, I might defend someone or a restaurant that didn't deserve the zing ... of course, if it was vicious, I'd email the mods with a heads-up.

                  Or I would get caught up in it and it was just one little part of the whole thread that people only clicked on and read once.

                  Now it is visible every time the post has a new comment. People see something like that over and over and over. I think, nah, I don't want a stupid comment by me in this post.

                  I just look at some non-food snark or bad joke and think "well, that's going to make that person look like a jerk'. Because it is so part of the whole, it just hurts the credibility of the poster.

                  With the great search engine I know I don't want someone searching on my name, pulling up a posts with dumb-ass after dumb-ass non-food related reply. But that's just me.

                  Fire-breathing moderators were only so effective. That was a one-shot and eventually the pain of being licked by the flames would fade from memory. Permanent public shame is something else.

                  Posts that are food-related can still be fun and whimsical as they were in the past ... part of what attracted me to Chowhound ... people play with their food and have fun with it.

                  In one way I agree that if I was tracking anyone I would rather have that kept private. Not for the clique mentality, but because by not tracking someone they might feel offended that I don't find them interesting enough to track.

                  As I said before, the regulars post frequently enough that just following the boards keep me up to date on them. I actually wouldn't read as many of their posts if I only read what was in the 'my chow' screen since it only has 20 posts and even then, what you see may not be their actual last 20 posts.

                2. WHAT? Dissing my bad jokes now???? Have you no decency?