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Edible centerpieces

Has anyone ever seen an edible centerpiece at a sit-down dinner?

I'm planning my wedding at Bernardus in Carmel Valley, and am interested in unconventional decorations.

I was thinking about some kind of food at the center of the tables.

While cut flowers are traditional, they will die after being enjoyed for only a few hours.

Why not have something that will be enjoyed and consumed?

Am I completely off my rocker?

(my mother certainly thinks I am)

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  1. Have a look at these, just remember they ARE perishable. I don't know if you can have them sit on your table for the entire reception. *** Click on 'View ALL Arrangements' once in. ***

    Link: http://www.ediblearrangements.com/

    These are mostly fruit centrepieces. Some are fruit COVERED w/ chocolate.

    1. I think most people would be wary of eating the centerpieces even if they were solid chocolate.

      1. I went to a baby shower a few weeks ago and the edible arrangements were a huge hit. Beautiful arrangements. Got a whole group of strangers talking.

        1. Many moons ago, I would bring in a chef to assist with dinners for the hospital board of directors. The lady that I hired would create these elaborate "floral" centerpieces bade completely of fresh vegetables.

          They were so beutiful that the president asked to take them home.

          1. I don't think you are crazy at all. At my wedding, we had a different type of cake on each table as the centerpiece. About 5 different types in all, so they became the topic of conversation. When we "cut the cake" (which was a 2 tiered version of the individual table cakes...ours donned in dark chocolate, table ones were in white buttercream), everyone got to cut their table cake, too, and traveled around the room tasting all the varieties. People still talk of it to this day. Only suggestion, bring some take out boxes so you don't wastes all the leftover yummy cake like we did!! Email me if you want more details.....


            1. We are eloping in August, and having a reception in October. It's going to be really casual, but like you, I wanted some unique centerpieces. I reserve the right to change my mind, but I'm contemplating a dessert party and thought 'smores would be a fun centerpiece! I think we would have a large candle or a flame of some sort in the center with a bouquet of sticks to roast on, and all of your 'smores ingredients surrounding it. I've even thought about making heart-shaped graham crackers! While this would probably be too casual for your party, I just wanted to let you know that I don't think your idea is too silly at all! I think food can be way more gorgeous than flowers a lot of times, and if you can think of something really unusual and great, I think people will be talking about it for years!

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                Now that's a wedding I'd love to be invited to, no matter how formal the reception. Sounds fun! Good luck and congratulations!

              2. This blew me away. Have a look and see for yourself.

                Image: http://veggyart.com/site/assets/image...

                Link: http://veggyart.com/


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                  omigod. so beautiful!!

                  these guys are in VA, but the site says it's a Thai artform.

                  Don't we have a flourishing Thai culture here? Anyone seen anything like this before?

                  Come to think of it, this reminds me of the fruit carving for the Sunday dinners in in "Eat, Drink, Man, Woman." So maybe there are Chinese artists that do this, too?

                2. I gotta add - I went to a fundraiser a month or so ago and the centerpieces had been donated by that company Edible Arrangements. Maybe at a wedding where most everyone knows each other it would work, but at that sort of event, it just grossed most people out. Here you had fresh fruit cut and just sitting there with people walking all around and reahcing over the tables and stuff. Then, to find out, the arrangements were "doorprizes" to be given away! Too bad they didn't tell all of that before we had started picking through them out of hunger before dinner was servd.

                  I have to say the freash fruit centerpieces really do gross me out.

                  I do think the smores idea is cute and that would be really fun at a wedding. If you have a Cosi coffee shop anywhere near you, you might want to check out the smores they offer as a dessert. it's a very cute way they have of preparing smores at your table. Maybe you could even contact them about renting the little contraptions they use for their smores for your wedding.

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                    Cosi is great- I hired them to do S'mores at a fundraiser I held. Thing is, my wedding is in CA (no Cosi here yet, sadly) and

                    is it OK to have dessert centerpieces sitting on the table all through the dinner? The above post about cakes was interesting, too...but is it weird to have your dessert looking at you while you eat the soup and salad?

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                      You can buy the smores kits on their website. http://www.getcosi.com/categories.asp...

                      Though you might be able to find them cheaper else where.

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                        If you're going to have them out during the entire meal, you may want to try and wrap them in cellophane or something. I'm one of those people who gets kind of weird about germs, but I know I'm not alone. I think others might be kind of grossed out by the fact that everyone is sitting their breathing on, reaching over, talking over the centerpieces all night. Maybe you could find an attractive way to wrap them and then also you'd have an opportunity for the wait staff to "unveil" them come dessert time. That would make dessert a little more ceremonial since it will have been sitting there all night and will take away any concerns over germs. Tulle netting would be another idea depending on what type of dessert centerpiece you're doing.

                    2. I had the same idea for my wedding. I was wondering about having a glass filled with ferrero rochers since gold is one of my wedding colours. What do you think of that idea?