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Jun 26, 2006 11:35 PM

interested in a dinner club? - Phoenix


i have a lovely supper club that I started with some friends, and we have an amazing time meeting once a month.

that said, i'm always looking to expand my network and would love to get together with other people who are really into good food and want to try new and interesting places. i have a hard time finding people who are willing to go to french or good italian places, and i tire of mexican all the time. (gosh i love my boyfriend but i can't look at another chimichanga).

anyways, if you're interested, i think it would be fun to create a chowhound dinner club that meets maybe once a month. No real limits, we could even do weekend brunch of dim sum...

  1. There already is one. We've only met once. We have a private Google Group called PhoenixHoundGathering. If you have trouble subscribing, you may email me directly at

    1. We're very much in favor of chowhound meetups. However, we ask that logistics and communication be handled off of this site.

      hzp - you may post an email address so other hounds can reach you directly (as johnseberg has done). Thank you very much!

      1. hi. we're going to attend coup des tartes on the 12th. email me if you're interested in joining!

        1. The original comment has been removed