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Jun 26, 2006 11:28 PM

Good eats around Fremont & Mission Street - FIDI/Ferry Building

After working in the burbs for 8 years I am finally back in SF. I don't want to eat Lee's everyday, so I need advice from SF hounds to lunch places. I saw a popular Thai place called Ashia or something like that on 2nd street. It looked she-she, but the place was packed!

I'm game on all cuisines, thanks ahead.

BTW, I know the Taiwanese spot that's on Mission and a few places over by Rinhcon Center.

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  1. You HAVE been gone a long time. That's Mission Street ... as I found out today, you can correct the title. I saw the words Fremont and Mission Blvd and was thinking East Bay.

    Anyway here's something to get you started ... gotta love search

    How far do you want to walk?

    1. I think the Thai place you mean is Osha, and it's on 2nd, and yes it is packed all the time. But my coworkers always return with an "it's just ok" report when they go.

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        Went to Osha for lunch today. Got there at 11:30, the place was empty but there was a line outside already. It felt like I was waiting to go into a club or something.

        Decor wise it is very nice decorated, nice bar section (used for pouring water), wall tiles and somewhat dark. The chairs were very uncomfortable after 30 min. of sitting.

        Food wise, yes your friends or coworkers are right it's only okay. I can see why they're so popular, I don't think there is a Thai restaurant within a mile radius of the place. The pad sew was a little bit on the sweet side and the papaya salad was just so so. Would go back only if the wait is less than 5 min.

      2. "She-she"? for a minute I thought you meant the place looked like it was only for lesbians, then I realized you meant "chichi"! :-)

        I work at Market and Fremont, and a few places I like are Focaccia on Sacramento between Davis and Drumm (sandwiches, tossed to order salads and hot dishes -- the rotisserie chicken with sides is great and a great deal); the salad bar at the Fountain on Sutter just up from Sansome; and the steak Ultimo burrito (but nothing else) at Baja Fresh.

        1. Any good Japanese? I saw a Japanese fast food place call Ichiban in that little alley by Yang Sing, but the food didn't look all that great so didn't partake.

          1. * There is a good Japanese place in the top floor of the Crocker Galleria.
            * Cafe Mondo on Mission & 2nd used to be good for a panini & salad.
            * Cafe Madeleine (California or New Montgomery) has fabulous tossed salads and great desserts.
            * Zebulon at Natoma at 2nd - fun, artsy place w/ a varied menu
            * If you're not restricted on time some of the best Mexican food can be found on Commercial Street near the Pyramid: Tlaloc or Mercedes both near Montgomery