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Jun 26, 2006 10:42 PM

Is it my imagination???

Are there less postings since the change? Just wonderin'

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  1. Probably due to the registration restriction on postings. Forcing registration always throttles a site's response rate.
    This could be for many reasons, including:
    - People don't want to bother with the process, so they don't weigh in as readily on the topics.
    - The illusion of anonymity with unregistered aliases is now gone. Posters may be reluctant to voice opinions now that their aliases are trackable.
    - People have to maintain unique handles so multiple postings on the same topic, while not impossible, are a lot more difficult than say, just typing in a new alias.

    Give it a few weeks to gain more registrations. Traffic will pick up eventually.

    1. If it is down, I'd have to guess it could be the search capability. I've been able to find things I'm looking for in past posts without starting a new post. Of course if a did put up a new post I might hear about some new things, but I'd have to wait for replies. Searching the past posts is giving me instant gratification. :-)

      1. I had problems signing in at first; maybe others are having the same problems.

        1. You've got to be kidding me.

          I still haven't caught up on the boards I follow since the switch. If anything, there seems like there are more posts.

          HOWEVER, are you reading boards by the date posted sort or the latest reply sort?

          If you are reading by date posted, you are missing all the latest action.

          There never were REALLY that many posts each day on Chowhound. It looked that way because you were looking at all the replies and not the posts themselves.