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Jun 26, 2006 10:39 PM

Rehearsal Dinner in Monterey/Carmel

I am planning my wedding at Bernardus, and am looking for a great place for a rehearsal dinner.

The White House, Bouchee, and L'Auberge, while tempting, I don't think can handle more than 45. I think we may be somewhere around 60 or 70.

Is Passionfish really that good? Is their capacity big enough?

Any ideas for other exceptional cuisine that can handle my crowd?

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  1. Casanova in Carmel, or the Corkscrew Cafe in Carmel Valley.

    1. Never went to Casanova but heard some quite negative reviews about below average food and service.

      Passionfish is quite good but also a little bit hyped on this board.

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        Ever been to the Covey at Quail Lodge? Or Wills Fargo? Both are overseen by Chef Cal...

      2. I've been to Casanova several times, the most recently in March (I live in Los Angeles, so I'm not a local who could go all the time). It hasn't been the best food I've ever had, but the food has always been on the very good end of the spectrum and the atmosphere is just lovely. Really beautiful. Same with the Corkscrew Cafe. I see both as a fantastic rehearsal dinner venue.

        I would give the food at Passionfish a slight edge, but the atmosphere and decor, while fine for a casual dinner, are lacking in any warmth and charm.