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Jun 26, 2006 10:33 PM

First Time in Seattle and Vancouver

My wife and I will be visiting Seattle and Vancouver for the first time later this week and next week.
I'd greatly appreciate any recommendations for burger & shake joints, seafood (both fine dining and informal), various Asian cuisines and other fine dining recommendations.

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  1. I can't remember the dim sum place in Richmond that I loved, but if you were going to go to one restaurant in Vancouver, it should be Vij's.

    1. Barry-

      Please post a seperate query regarding Vancouver chow on the Western Canada board, only Washington State and Oregon are discussed on the Pacific Northwest board.

      You can find the Western Canada board here:


      1. By far the best burger and shake joint is Red Mill Burgers up on Phinney Ridge. Really, it's amazing! Chiso for sushi (in Fremont), and if you want great food and a really romantic/sexy setting try Mona's (over in Greenlake). If you've got time, also try Pair,Nell's, or the Harvest Vine. You won't be dissapointed. Have a great time in the Northwest!!

        1. Asian:
          We have a few great Vietnamese places here. Tamarind Tree and Green Leaf are both fantastic and inexpensive (though nicer than you'd expect, especially TT). Monsoon is upscale Vietnamese and very good also.
          We also have a fabulous Szechuan place-Seven Stars Pepper, on the second floor of the strip mall at the corner of 12th and Jackson in the International District. The Dungeness Crab here is amazing (get the Szechuan crab if you like spicy, but the ginger is very good, too).
          If you want dim sum I'd go to Jade Garden, though you'll find better dim sum in the Vancouver area.

          1. Floata. That's the dim sum place. Don't miss the Peking Duck, but unless you are a large party or have some place to stash the leftovers overnight, it's a pile o' steaming wonderfulness.