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Good salads?

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How about a great salad priced within reason? (especially in the village area, but sometimes I'd go anywhere for a really good one.)

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  1. I love chopt for salads. There is one one 17th union square east. They have a menu but you can also make any kind of salad that you want. The ingredients are all really really fresh. Also the portions are huge so its a very filling salad and snack for later.

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      TChopt also has a location on UES (I'm thinking 56th or 58Th street)

    2. Le Pain Quotidien has an artichoke/arugula salad with pine nuts and basil pesto dressing that is delicious. It's pricey (around $15, served with bread) but worth the splurge.

      1. You can go to Whole Foods' salad bar in Union Sq. on 14th St. Their salads are good and there are so many choices. It costs under $8/lb.

        1. In the Village, I like the salads at All About Food on Waverly between Greene and Mercer ($5.95 for any four ingredients, I think) and at Abbondanza's on Bleecker between 6th and Macdougal (usually a bit more expensive than All About Food).

          1. China Grill in the CBS Building at Sixth Avenue on 53rd Street has incredible salads--they're mammoth, so they should be shared. My two favorite ones are the crispy duck salad and the calamari salad--they're really fantastic!

            1. Taksim a turkish restaurant on 54th and 2nd has a great "greek" salad (although not really greek... it's turkish). It has fresh feta, marinated elephant beans, onion, tomato, cucumber, awesome grape leaves, shredded carrot, etc. It's worth a trip.

              Another good salad IMO is the BBQ Chopped from Cali Pizza Kitchen/

              For a $20 salad FREDS at Barneys has kick ass salads.

              1. once upon a tart - on sullivan bet. houston and prince - has good salads and a special where you get a slice of frittata with a choice of two or three salads.

                and i used to like casse croute on west broadway way down in tribeca for their salads - but i think they recently switched to new owners - who seem very sweet and are moroccan not french - and i think they're planning to tweak the menu a little - but it would be worth going and checking that out again.