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Jun 26, 2006 09:56 PM

Mastro's in Costa Mesa

I'm going to Mastro's in Costa Mesa on Wednesday night on the client's tab. Any recomendations? I've read some good things about this place so I'm very excited!

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  1. I usually go to Mastro's Ocean Club so when I go to the steakhouse I like to get some of the items unavailable at the Ocean Club.

    The last three times I went I had the Veal Porterhouse, Lamb Porterhouse and the Prime Prime Rib. All of them were spectacular.

    1. el,

      Any of the steaks will do you well. Also, get the Gorgonzola Mac & Cheese. You will not be sorry. My fiance got the Lamb Porterhouse and was wowed by it all.

      If you want to see some photos, you can see my shots at:

      Please report back on your experience at Mastro's.

      1. I second the rec for the gorgonzola mac & cheese. I prefer the filet mignon for steak, but everyone has their own preference and this is mine. I did have the Kansas City strip once, and I thought it was fairly bland. We've done a small seafood tower, and the seafood is always fresh and delicious (and the small tower is huge!). The bread they serve before dinner is fantastic, but be careful-I tend to fill up on it and then can barely make it to the entree. As for other sides, I've only had the onion rings, which were good. The Ocean Club has french fries and vinegar-not sure if the regular Mastro's has this, but it's divine. I've had the butter cake for dessert-very good and decadent. My husband has also had the carrot cake and loved it. You will not be disappointed, though do ask if you are not satisfied with the location of your table. My husband and I ended up switching tables twice before we ended up in the dining area (first time they tried to sit us in the bar where apparently a lot of people our age want to eat, but a bar scene is not my idea of fine dining, and then they tried to seat us in the back of the restaurant by the doors, and to me, that is completely unacceptable, especially since we had reservations). Anyway, they were very nice about changing tables, but that was the only thing I found a little off-putting.

        1. My husband raves about the Mambo Spicy Salad....a Caesar salad of sort that must have wasabi and horseradish...he still is talking about it. For the sides...the lobster mashed are very expensive and we ordered it one time...which we will not order again. I love the Vanilla Shrimp..they are huge and delicious. The martinis...outstanding, extremely cold and sometimes they pour it over dry ice...lots of fun. You can't go wrong on any of the selections...this is my favorite restaurant.

          1. Thanks for the recomendations! I was already sold on the Mac'n'Cheese, but now i'm very interested in the Lamb Poterhouse and that spicy salad. I'll probably be enjoying wine with dinner so it looks like I'll have a martini for starters. I'm excited!

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              And you get not one, not two..but THREE lamb porterhouse.