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Jun 26, 2006 09:34 PM

north shore seafood tonight

we're hitting up the north shore for seafood tonight. it seems from previous posting that Essex Seafood is the spot. Is this the consensus?

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  1. This depends on what you want... If you're after fried seafood (clams especially) in a rustic atmosphere, then this is a good place to go. For lobster and other standard fare in a more refined atmosphere, go to the Hawthorne by the Sea in Swampscott. If you're looking for something more hip and innovative try Red Rocks (also in Swampscott) or Finz in Salem.


    1. just got back from Essex Seafood. I think I need to re-read the previous posts on this topic and suggestion because I was entirely disappointed by the meal. We were jonsing for lobster rolls and fried clams. Ended up with 2 lobster rolls and a combo plate of scallops/clams with fries/onion rings. $52. including two sodas.

      First off, the lobster roll was totally uninspiring. Just lobster with some mayo on a cold, unbuttered hotdog bun. There was nothing to it. Fries on the side had a strange taste. It was if they had not cleaned their fry oil in days. This taste carried over to the clams, scallops, and onion rings. BTW, the onion rings were also totally disappointing. There was absolutaly no crisp to them and once again, they tasted of dirty fry oil. For the prices they charge, I would hope they could change the oil more often.

      Next time I will return to Woodmans.

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        Sorry your meal was such a disappointment. I went to Essex for the first time a few weeks ago. I had the fried haddock and my son had clam strips which were incredibly sweet. I still like Farnham's the best overall for atmosphere and food, you should try that before going back to Woodman's which I find grossly over hyped.

        1. re: 4chowpups

          Farnham's is definitely my overall favorite also. I must say, though, Woodman's onion rings are really great---the only thing worth choosing that place first for.

      2. For fried clams, the Clambox in Ipswich is great, but if you go on the weekends, bring a book for the line. They make a point to change the oil regularly during the day. This makes the wait a longer one though.