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Jun 26, 2006 09:28 PM

Best pho on Larkin?

Going to Larkin tonight. Looking for good hard noodles, tasty broth and fresh meat. Clean bean sprouts and mint a plus.

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  1. Turtle Tower, hands down. No mint, though. And not sure what you mean by "hard" noodles...

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    1. re: rabaja

      Turtle Tower uses fresh rice noodles that are chewy and delightfully slippery. They won't be hard and firm. It is my favorite pho ga in the City.

    2. turtle tower. turtle tower. turtle tower.

      but you're not getting sprouts and basil. just lemon and jalapenos.

      1. Our favorite pho is on 19th and Irving at PPQ. Fresh and delicious.

        1. Bodega Bistro, same noodles and you get sprouts and basil.

          1. I was surprised at Turtle Tower's pho. I'm not a pho expert, but the pho I've had and liked has had a very complex, almost anise-y broth. Turtle Tower's broth was very, very light compared with what I'm used to. While I liked it, I prefer the dark, complex broth. Maybe I didn't order the correct thing?

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            1. re: Atomica

              Some pho places make a darker beef broth that's more heavily seasoned with star anise, carmelized onions, etc. Turtle Tower's stock is not like that, it has the taste of bones and meat unmucked up by sugar or spices. I don't find it light, it's quite intensely meaty to me. Whether you like it or not is a matter of taste. I used to like the darker, spiced style, but have changed in recent years to the more direct flavors that Turtle Tower, Pho Ao Sen, and Pho Y serve and can't tolerate the other now.

              That said, I like the chicken version (pho ga) better at Turtle Tower than the beef (pho bo). Here's a link to my last post on it -


              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Turtle Tower is a Hanoi-style restaurant, something we see far less of in this country than the Saigon style. In the South, in Saigon, they take their pho spicier and with mung beans, mint, etc. IN the north it comes unadorned and the purity and essence of the broth is the goal. Both the pho bo and the pho ga at Turtle Tower are very good, but it just happens to be not what many people expect, as Melanie pointed out.