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Good Quick Cheap place around 16th a& Guerrero in the Mission for Dinner

My friends and I are doing pub quiz tuesday at Elixir on the corner of 16 and Guerrero. Any suggestions as to where to eat nearby that would be realitvely quick and inexpensive. I know Pancho Villa and the 2nd Pakwan are close, but does anyone have any other suggestions?

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    1. Arinell's for a slice of thin crust pizza. 16th & Valencia.

      1. You could check out the board fave Yucatasia!

        It's on Mission between 17th and 18th, I believe. Very inexpensive, very delicious.

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          Just note that Yucatasia closes at 8:00 (but sometimes they are there longer). Just in case...

          Yamo is great and cheap ($5.25 for all entrees) but they cook a la minute which can slow things down a bit. Windy's recs for Yamo are great and I would throw in the curry fish.

        2. Alhamra for Indian/Pakistani or Ti Couz for crepes.

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            I tried Alhamra for the first time last week and we were pretty disappointed. The only thing I liked was the chicken kahari special. The okra and the cauliflower-potato dish were mediocre at best and not very flavorful. The chili naan (which I don't see on the take-out menu) was ok. Granted, it was very cheap so I am more than willing to try other dishes. Did I order wrong? What should I have gotten?

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              I thought the chicken achar was quite good and the rice was beautiful. Here's a thread with some more ideas.


            1. This is such a good list. I'll second Ti Couz.

              or cheaper, Yamo for Burmese (18th between Valencia and Mission). Try the mango salad and the cold noodles with chicken.

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                Everytime I go to Ti Couz, it always somehow ends up being much more expensive than I had anticipated. Looks cheap initially, but you start accessorizing your crepe, and it adds up!

              2. if you don't mind a bit of a walk my favorite place in the mission is farolito's on the corner of 24th and mission. cheap and excellent mexican food. and it's open really late (3 or 4am).

                1. Sunflower for Imperial rolls, Shaking beef and Garlic noodles.