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Coconut Ice cream.

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where's the best?

so far i think it's mc connell's island coconut.

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  1. Have you tried Sharon's Sorbet's coconut sorbet. It is the sorbet of my dreams. They carry it at Trader Joe's.

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      We just went through a pint of that globbed over chunks of fresh mango. I ain't much of a dessert guy, but that was bliss.

      It's CHEAP, too!

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        Agree that this is terrific stuff. To me, it's actually richer than all the other coconut ice creams I've ever tried. This may be due to the "coconut cream" shown on the ingredient list, which I suppose is why the fat content is comparable to ice creams.

      2. 1. Well, I've still never stopped in at LAX-C Market, north of downtown, to try their take on Thai coconut ice cream. According to very reliable sources, it's supposed to be great. But the coconut ice cream in the freezer at Simpang Asia Market in Palms is darned good too--more like a coconut-milk sherbet, very pure-tasting. (They also have taro and durian, both similar and quite good.)

        2. Al Gelato's coconut gelato is an old favorite, probably their best flavor. Intensely rich and coconutty. (I'm sure Kevin knows where it is but for anyone else who might not have had the pleasure, Al Gelato is on Robertson between Wilshire and Olympic in BH.)

        1. its not ice cream but you might want to try coconut paletas

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            I've been enjoying Mateo's paletas lately, and the coconut comes in two different styles; one is creamier. Their smoked milk ice cream (leche quemada) is very good and their tropical flavored sorbets are worth a look.

            Mateo's Ice Cream and fruit bars
            4222 W. Pico Blvd, LA 90019
            522 E. Vine Ave, West Covina 91790
            4929 S. Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, 90230


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              Hi Petradish-

              Are these only ice cream bars or does he sell normal ice cream? THANKS!

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                They sell scooped ice cream AND bars.

          2. I really enjoyed the coconut frozen custard at lickety split...served in a chocolate cookie waffle cone...yum.

              1. McConnell's for sure! I go to Gelson's every week just to see if it's on sale!

                1. Does anyone know of a place in L.A. that SCOOPS McConnell's Ice Cream?

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                      Where is Ms. Freeze in Whittier?

                    2. Mashti Malone's on LaBrea has been doing awesome coconut recently.
                      I'm about to go get me some......

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                        Mea culpa: It is coconut pineapple, not plain coconut, at Mashti's. Still really good though.

                      2. Boulder Ice Cream Company makes great coconut--I know it's available at Whole Foods in San Francisco. Also, Gelato Massimo, made in Watsonville, CA and sold throughout the state makes great coconut gelato. It's REALLY good. (and healthier than ice cream though you would never guess.)

                        1. Be careful at LAX-C. They have some really neat/weird stuff in the frozen section, but some things have been there wayyy to long. So look sharp at the packaging, and be prepared to dig around for the most intact-looking one in the stack.

                          If you go to LAX-C, weekends are best, as that's when the ladies camp under their little tents out front making the most delectable street food, including coconut custard fried hemispheres that they slap together into a loosely-knit globe.

                          My sweetie picked up a wonderful deep, round maple cutting board for just over $20 at LAX-C this week. He said it would have been $100 anywhere else.

                          Also, visit the restaurant supply shop on the NE side of the parking lot directly opposite the market entrance. They have some really interesting things, like terribly realistic waxen philosophers and greasy Peking duck for display purposes. A Peking duck costs about 1/10 of a philosopher, which seems like a bargain.