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Jun 26, 2006 09:10 PM

100% Foie gras in French canning jars, along with a decent Sauternes list

where to go for this?

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  1. Well, with Chateau Suduiraut 2003 sauternes selling for only $45 a full bottle at Costco, get the foie gras on your own, bring it home, invite me and some friends, and treat yourself.

    1. Foie Gras
      Bristol Farms
      Surfas in Culver

      I prefer the Chateau d'Yquem... but probably not with Kevin

      1. If you really want imported French foie gras in a canning jar served with Sauterne your best option is to buy the two items and eat them at home.

        French foie gras does not necessarily mean "best available in Los Angeles" it just means French. Are you really trying to find foie gras from a goose? In that case your only option will be canned because we don't have a domestic production. Some connoisseurs consider it superior but I don't. Although foie gras can be preserved in cans and bottles most of the imported options taste tired.

        If you really want the best terrine style preparation re-post for other suggestions. Any chef worth their salt serving a terrine is making it themselves using fresh foie gras raised in this country, which is of excellent quality. I have been impressed by the terrine served at AOC for instance.

        1. Using JudiAU's suggestion, the Artisal Cheese Gallery in Studio City had some very good foie gras around New Year's, as I served it to friends for a January 1 birthday celebration. Not sure if it is available year-round, however. 818.505.0297 will get the answer though.