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Jun 26, 2006 08:50 PM

East bay restaurants with decks or patios?

Any suggestions for a casual, outdoors lunch, preferably in Berkeley, Oakland, Albany, El Cerrito, Alameda?

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  1. I like Sunnyside in Albany for the outdoor tables and the food. The other place I can think of in Berkeley that has pretty good outdoor seating, but less good food is the Pyramid Brewery on Gilman.

    1. There was no outdoor seating at Pyramid when we went there one evening during the heat wave a week or so back.

      Recent discussion:

      1. You are in luck. The East Bay Express just put out its annual outdoor dining guide last week.

        Didn't look too closely, but I'm guessing that Club Mallard is not on there since it is just a bar, but there is a great outdoor patio.

        Montaro's has a nice patio and the food I've tried has been good. Very nice margaritas.

        Maybe farther than you want to go ... Crocket/Rodeo but for a killer view with selectively good food

        - Deadfish
        - The Waterfront
        - Nantucket

        Some might argue about the ambiance of The Waterfront, but if it is a hot day, that's the place I want to sit on the deck watching the sun set.

        Gee, once again I love the new software. It took me a few seconds to find that post about The Waterfront.

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          Gee just looked over that list and the EBE really dropped the ball this year.

          They missed Sea Salt which has a WONDERFUL outdoor patio. In fact, I often go there for the patio.

          T-Rex has some tables outside.

          Tomate cafe has a lovely outdoor area

          It is new, so the EBE has the wrong name, but 900 Grayson has a great outdoor dining area too.

          That's really disappointing. 900 Grayson has been open a few months. Someone should check those articles before going to press.

          A funkly little place with an outdoor area is Gallegos Mexican Food

          Sorry, Editing this I just realized I just could have edited the prior reply. Old habits die hard.

        2. I just had a fantastic lunch at Adagia, they have a pretty nice and rather large outdoor patio.

          Other places that come to mind are Cafe Rouge, Guerilla Cafe and O Chame, though outdoor seating is limited at all three.

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          1. re: Morton the Mousse

            Barney's Burgers on both College Ave. & Piedmont Ave. have outdoor patios.

          2. The outdoor area of La Note in Berkeley is very beautiful. It's extremely busy during the weekends though. Jupiter's is also a good pick. They have a live jazz band playing outside on weekend nights.