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Jun 26, 2006 08:37 PM

St. George's, Bermuda---need recs

We'll be returning to Bermuda next month, staying in St. George parish. Last time we were there was JUST before Fabian hit! We know we'll be returning to Blackbeard's Hideaway (our favorite Bermuda restaurant), but we'll be there for a week and need some other ideas. Especially interested in "less expensive" options---maybe sushi, pizza, local fish, or ??? Also, we're interested in INDIAN food. I know there is a place in Hamilton that sounds good, but any in St. George's? Thanks!

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  1. According to one of my staff who lives in St George's there is decent Indian and sushi there - it's all on Duke of York Street, just west of the police station. Cafe Gio on Water Street has been getting excellent buzz. While it''s fun to hang out on the verandah of the White Horse on the Square and have a drink, the food is pretty indifferent, ditto the Wharf Tavern (or whatever it's called now) my son was there this week and complained about the awful service. We still love the the Black Horse in St David's for fish sandwiches. There is a take out place on the way into St George's at the little market across from Slip Road that dishes up the holy grail grail of Bermudian chow: chicken-peas-and-rice-macaroni-and-cheese. No one can say we don't love our starches here! Reid's restaurant with its beef pies is a few yards before that - and don't forget the may-nnaise on your pie ;)

    1. We had NOT ONE good meal in St. Georges. Maybe you will do better. Gio was a waste, Tavern scary...White Horse Tavern worse...We have fond memories of Black Horse but it was closed when we cycled out in the rain to eat.

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        Well, Blackbeard's was as good as we remembered. We had several meals there. DH loved the grilled wahoo ceasar salad. Their fish chowder was excellent. Really, anything made with fish was good. And even the cheeseburger was tasty! Sure can't beat the view(s)---no tacky cruise ships blocking the view of the beautiful turquoise ocean (as at Cafe Gio and White Horse). We did go to Cafe Gio and were disappointed---the meals we had when it was still San Giorgio's were much more memorable.
        The real surprise was the Indian food available at Upper Crust Pizza. We had it delivered to our cottage one night and it was delicious! Very reasonably priced, too.