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Jun 26, 2006 08:35 PM

Anyone been to Japonais??

I'm thinking about taking a large group here for dinner... can anyone share their experience here?

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  1. It is trendy, it is expensive. Food ranges from terrible to pretty good. I like to eat downstairs in the bar during the week, it's much less of a scene then. But even at then, I'm not crazy about the restaurant. For sushi, I like to stick with Tsuki.

    1. I haven't been to Japonais but I see mostly negative postings on this site about thier food. My wife and the girls enjoy the trendy atmosphere for drinks and appetizers but prefer to dine elswhere for a full meal.

      1. A trendy see-and-be-seen place that is physcially beautiful, with wildly erratic food and service. People who know more about shoes and accessories than food will probably love it. Very experienced diners will probably find lots of fault them for. I have no desire to go back, except maybe for a drink and a snack.

        1. My only comment is the above three comments are right on target!! Go somewhere else, unless the point of dinner, of course, is to see-and-be-seen......which could very well be the case.

          1. I ate recently at Japonais, and it was pretty mediocre - tempura that unwisely included broccolli rabe - bitter, tough and greasy (I don't think they pre-blanched it). Then, to cap everything off, on a bill of $20.95, they gave me change for $21.00 - in other words, they kept my nickel, because, as they explained, they "weren't set up to do change." When I asked if this wasn't, perhaps, technically illegal, they gave me back a dollar!

            My favorite Japanese restaurant remains, as ever, Meiji, though it's not a "see-and-be-seen" sort of place. For a large group, however, I think a trek to the north side is in order. Sai Cafe has very good sushi and very good special appetizers (though their meat dishes are lackluster), and can handle a large group. Or try Ginza Fish - they have a large tatami room and their fish is top quality (menu is very traditional, but the quality makes up for it).