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Jun 26, 2006 08:13 PM

Chocolate cake at Arizmendi? ... heh

Sorry not to just reply to this post, but it happened just at the switch and I really want an answer and don't want my question lost. Not sure if the 'new' flag will show up or not.


In this link

Jim replied

Although they only make one cake, Arizmendi Bakery on 9th between Irving and Judah in the Inner Sunset has a killer and I mean killer chocolate cake. I believe it's $28 for a whole cake. You can stop by there and buy a slice to try before purchasing a whole one.

Do all Arizmundi's make chocolate cake? I haven't seen it in the East Bay. Or is this something you just need to know to order ... a secret Arizmundi menu, so to speak.

I need a replacement for the old Just Dessert's chocolate cake which was my ideal ... not fancy or frou-frou'd ... just ... chocolate cake.

It seems to me that Arizmundi would be the kind of place that would do that.

So if you know of an Arizmundi in the East Bay that sells it ... have cake, will travel.

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    Although my first goof was a lot funnier ... Chocolate cake ATE Arizmundi

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      1. Only the Arizmendi on 9th in SF makes the chocolate cake. I believe it's actually $24 for a whole cake. And Jim is so right--it is the best chocolate cake I've had in a long time, even better than the chocolate birthday cake I got for my daughter at my favorite bakery last week.

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          You're right Atomica, it is $24 for a whole cake my mistake. Worth every penny even if it was $28!!

        2. While we're on the subject of chocolate cake in the East Bay: have you tried the chocolate pudding cake at Sketch? Easily the best chocolate cake I've had - absurdly moist yet not too rich. Definitely not "frou frou" (though like all Sketch goodies it ain't cheap- $3.50 for the cake). I've served it for dessert at several gatherings and always had rave responses from friends and family. It only comes in a small cake form which would probably be ideal for your hounding needs.

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          1. re: Morton the Mousse

            Thanks Morton, will definately check it out. Just haven't been in the neighoborhood at the right time recently.

            Anything new at Sketch? Are they still selling those fudgsicles that make me swoon. How about the popsicles?

            1. re: rworange

              all I know if Sketch has implemented a scooping penalty. The $3.50 cup is only $3.50 for one flavor. But if you want two flavors, it's $4 (not to be confused with the larger $4.50 cup, which is allowed to have two flavors). Seems like a terrible pricing strategy.

              Will have to check out the chocolate cake at Arizmendi.

              1. re: Windy

                I think Sketch is really overpriced. $8 for a pint of vanilla ice cream is just too much. I don't care how good it is. Also $3.50 for one scoop of ice cream in a small cup? Too much. If this place were not on Fourth Street, it couldn't get away with these prices. I know it's delicious, but that doesn't matter.

              2. re: rworange

                Yes, they still have the fudgsicles. Not sure about the popsicles.
                The big new thing is bush berry and stone fruit ice cream and sorbet flavors.