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Jun 26, 2006 07:49 PM

Flour Bakery--Delicious BLT; disappointing Boston Cream Pie

I have never been a huge fan of Flour's sandwiches (other than the original tuna with roasted red peppers and tapenade--so yummy, so missed), partly b/c I can only stomach that very oily bread every so often, but I very decadently indulged in a BLT today, which I had never tried, and it was excellent. The bacon, of which there was a TON, was perfectly cooked and not too fatty (for bacon!), and though the entire thing was a bit heavy, what with the bread, the bacon and the mayo, it was delicious. Not so for the Boston Cream Pie, which I tried on the recommendation of a few people on this board--the filling seems to be primarily whipped cream (frozen, at that), instead of custard, as it should be, and the cake bits were sort of dry and tasteless. From now on I will stick with the molasses ginger cookies, which have never let me down.

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  1. I loooove that BLT -- they grill it on the panini press, which adds a nice extra crunch (and grilling does very good things for their bread). Sometimes they use purslane as the lettuce component, which is really a brilliant idea -- the succulent texture and slight lemony flavor work perfectly with the bacon and tomatoes (and the grilled bread). I'm also a fan of the roasted chicken, jicama, and avocado sandwich. Haven't tried many of their desserts, but I did taste a bit of a lemon tart that they made for a bake-off a week ago at the South End Open Market, and it was pretty damn good (and I think it won the grand prize as well).

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      Interesting--I had never even heard of purslane til you mentioned it. I'll have to pay more attention next time I give in to the BLT urge and check whether it's on my sandwich!

    2. Yuck- whipped cream in a Boston cream Pie.What could they be thinking!

      1. As I work a couple blocks from Flour (and have eaten there as often as my waistline, wallet and conscience have allowed me), here are my recs:

        1. The grilled chicken sandwich (specials board ONLY). Absolutely bloody amazing.
        2. The Roast Beef sandwich with Horseradish.
        3. Their lemon tarts/tartlets - pricy ($1 for the tartlet, $4 for the 3" diameter tart) but I could happily eat four or five, so long as I didn't have to see the bill.

        Calling ahead can save you a lot of time; lines between 11am-3pm can be 20 minutes long or more.